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I must give thanks to the members of this forum, alive and departed. Some of the comments were tagged that the member is deceased.  Whoever they were, their knowledge lives on and helped me. 

What a great place to find what you are looking for when things are not working as expected.

I have a 425C stove (third picture) that I thought I cleaned up pretty good.  The main burner lit without an issue, but everytime I tried to light the secondary burner, I would get nothing but a hot molten piece of steel burning red under it and then the main burner would go, POP, and flame out.  (last picture)  For weeks, this harassed me.

So I searched the forum because I knew that I could not be the first guy to have this issue.  Nothing worse than someone looking for a quick answer when the answers are already out there!   I found posts from as far back as 2011 that described what to do when there are problems with the 2nd burner.  So I took it all apart again, ensured I did not miss a cobweb, pushed a brush through the tubes, blew compressed air thru it, made sure the correct number of corrugated caps/flats caps were present and put back in the correct order.  Then I read about the height of the 2nd burner and how tight it should be.  When looking at mine, the metal flaps that hold the rings were pressed upwards, keeping the rings high and away from the flame (second picture)  I banged them flat with a hammer and reassembled.  BOOM!  That was it.  Working like a champ now.  (first picture) Flames are now shooting out thru the burner plates just like the main burner.  It may be difficult to see since it was still sunny outside when I took the photo.   

A thank you goes out to all the Stovies.

That is really odd. I can't picture what could possibly push the burner rings up so high. There are little tabs that the rings sit around to keep them aligned properly, but I don't know what could shove them upward. I'm glad you got it worked out, but wonder why anything would have to be hammered down in the first place? (Your pictures are too small to see what's in there.)
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I agree...previous attempt to get the stove working by someone else ?
I should have taken a good before/after picture, but when I'm trying different solutions, I never remember to take one.  It's only after I get it working that I remember "Should've taken a picture."  I just flattened out the tabs so that the burners would sit closer to the flame.
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I can see the gap for sure. some PO must have a engineer. But not in the good sense 😂. Glad you got it working 
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