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I was doing some minor maintenance to my 10/74 413G when I noticed that both the main and auxiliary burners appeared to be the same size. Measuring them confirmed it (2-3/8” dia.). It seemed odd since I was used to seeing the auxiliaries smaller than the mains, such as on the 425s and 426s. Checking my 10/65 413G, it too had different sizes (2-1/2” main and 2-1/8 aux.). 

I am not concerned because this stove is a “user” and it functions perfectly, but I am curious if this is how it came from the factory or something a previous owner modified. I checked “the book” and there is no mention of this detail.
E.B. Leland
I thought I had a 413G out in the shed, but I guess it's gone to live elsewhere.

Here's a 413H:


Yup, both burners are the same size. I had  413C a while back, and it had the smaller secondary burner.

Found a picture of the departed G:


Same size.
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