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I have my dads old 413E. 1960 I believe is when he got it. I am having trouble turning the valve wheel. It is really difficult. I have taken it apart and cleaned it as best I could but still very hard to turn. I was thinking the a complete rebuild including a new packing would be in order. Is there anything else to do or try other then rebuilding it? 


Welcome Rich! Great stove the 413. 

When I have a sticky valve wheel I do as you did and clean the shaft AND oil the shaft. Chances are it is tightened too much - the packing nut is anyway. 

When this happens I loosen the packing nut, back it off a couple turns and see if the knob turns any easier. If it does, good, now tighten it until it's snug and try again. 

Loosening then tightening plus the cleaning and oiling of the shaft typically take care of the issue for me. 

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Thanks for the tips. I am going to dive into it in the morning and see how it goes. Do either of you know where I can get a new packing?
rmillsap wrote:
Do either of you know where I can get a new packing?

I believe this is the correct packing. 

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