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Hi Everyone, 
I recently picked up a blue 321A Lantern, which I have been looking for for quite some time. The lantern is in very good condition. It will light up fine, but will not shut off. Can someone offer what the cause might be and the replacement parts needed to fix the problem? Thanks in advance. 
Dan H 
Howdy! I've never had one of these but it sounds like you need to put new o-rings in it. Here is a list of previous threads on them with a lot of great info.
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Greetings. Here is another link where, if you scroll down, you will find your model. I think the earlier production models also used a schrader valve. You can find both the correct fuel-rated o-rings or schrader valves at Old Coleman Parts.com.
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[welcome], Dan, from Pennsylvania! Sounds like a nice find; I like the look of those.
Here's the link to some of the parts Smudge mentioned:
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