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2D stoves are well documented here so I won’t clog the post with detail shots but I picked this one up a month or so ago and although I got it working, I hadn’t cooked on it yet.  I’m a stovie at heart, having found this site already in possession of about 40 stoves, mostly brassies.   I had picked up a 3F and it needed repair and this site and the members have offered invaluable expertise.  I have ended up with as many lanterns but the stoves are my true interest.  They are mainly an extension of other hobbies including older camping and cooking gear.  As present circumstances is not allowing many forays into the piney woods, cooking and playing on the patio offer a poor substitute. A problem with owning so many stoves is deciding the rotation for use and the 2D’s number came up so to speak.

What drew me to this one was it was fairly complete and in good repair.  It had a decent amount of use wear but not so much that I felt obligated to repaint.  I prefer to keep things as found if possible.  After a little attention, the tank pumped up and held air so a light-up was in order.  It is still burning off a little carbon but the flame is mostly blue albeit it is difficult to see in the photo. For anyone who is not familiar with the light up procedures, it is unique in theses swivel tank #2 models.  I like this shot .


One of my preferred stoves of choice is a #2 KampKook by AGM, it is a nice small size for a solo trip in the Jeep and I have assembled a lot of “period” cook gear of the appropriate size for that stove.  This #2 allows for a little bigger kit.

Having passed the bacon test, next will be the oven.  It is my first stove with an  attached oven. Fortunately, this stove came with a diffuser plate and the oven rack which I understand are often missing. 


perhaps later this evening (chores are calling) I will try a biscuit or two.  I have two sizes of pie plates (which also double as my eating plates) both an 8 inch and the standard 10 inch.  The 8 inch fits perfectly with lots of side space for circulation but the  10 inch will fit in tightly.  I will report on the results. 

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As a fellow Stovie I can feel the satisfaction that fine stove and first cook up has brought you 🙂

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I love the smell of breakfast in the morning on a Vintage stove!!!
Shine on!! Steven
Nice setup Marty.
Duane-All seasons, year round backpacker and camper.  So many stoves and lanterns, who's counting.

BTW - The Ahrens Bros. PIes tins were a company that operated out of Denver and Los Angles in the 1930’s so appropriate to this late 20’s early 30’s stove.  I think I want peach.  


That's super-nice, Marty.  
- Courtenay
Be Prepared
It's got the oven rack, too! Congrats! Nice setup.
"Don't let the weather run your life" - Steve
The Coleman Blues - #95
Outstanding!  Love my 2D.  Probably the strongest burning stove that I own and that hot-blast lighting setup is off the hook.
Super nice!! 

We NEVER get tired of pictures. 
Kinda like pretty girls. We've all seen a lot of em, but who gets tired of it ?  🙂

I did some biscuits on my #2 early spring, it was chilly out and a little breeze, it was tough to keep the oven up to temp, I had a thermometer inside. It's been a few moons, but if I recall I ended up leaving em 20 minutes or so longer than directions stated.
  With my Coleman ovens on my 413, I never have problems keeping temp up.

Looking forward to trying my "new" #1 w oven, or the #2 again.

Yeah, you done good  with the rack and diffuser!! I made me a rack.

Really nice stove, Marty, and like Duane, I like your setup, too.  All your pictures have a nice, old-timey look to them, especially with those frying pans and pie pan dinner plates.
ICCC #1012

That is a great looking stove, Marty.  Congrats on finding one in nice condition and with all the pieces.  I agree with Steve, those are some nice pictures.
Nice Marty.  Over the years I have become a stovie not sure how many but most pre 1940. Its difficult to pick just 1 to use 

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