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Took apart my 290 and now the fuel does not come out the top of the generator also the valve knob does not open all the way.

When I turn on the valve, fuel dribbles out around the jam nut.

Everyone is saying to replace these plastic valve assemblies and the newer ones are metal and better anyways?

Thanks for your  input 
Bodi Tunheim
Did you take the plastic fuel pickup off the valve? It sounds like the Schrader valve may not be sitting right, Or, the E Block is not sitting on the Schrader valve right. 

The new valve assemblies are the same as the one you have now. Most of the time the two plastic pieces come unglued and it is just easer and cheaper to replace the whole assembly. Mike at OCP usually has them in stock. 
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I agree just replace it. Alot less of a pain in the ,@%& in the long run.
Also replace the fuel cap gasket. Save yourself another pain.
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Bodi, the valve assemblies are not plastic, what people were referring to is the eccentric - the piece the pricker hooks onto. Valve's rarely go 'bad'. 

A new fuel tube from Cigar Mike should fix it. You could have the valve block upside down too (sits on top of the Schrader up inside the fuel assy and falls out easily.
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Did the lantern work ok before you took it apart? If so, then you need to revisit just what you took apart and put back together. If fuel comes out the fuel valve stem, then you have a fuel flow path that far up the fuel system.
I have a spare 290 valve assembly. I removed the F/A tube a noticed a little black disk-like piece that falls out if you're not careful. Check for that.
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@btunheim Here is the part I mentioned in the previous post. It goes between the eccentric block and the F/A tube/schrader valve. It is also keyed so it needs to be installed correctly, before threading on the F/A tube. If you removed the valve and then the F/A tube this could be your problem.
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