200A and 202 reproduction
frames back
in stock.

Hi all,  I would like to join the "turd" club
Am I not turdally enough for the turd club ?E6B81FB7-DDA4-4BDF-9FE6-647156620468.jpeg 
James sizemore
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Beautiful brown round Turds!!! I’ve got to get one sometime this year. 

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snipesfred on Insta
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Oh man here we go again 😩
ICCC # 1402
Hello all. Would like to be a part of the “Turd” club if I can. Got this from a guy I used to work with. Story goes that he owned if for roughly 30 years and he never fired it. He doesn’t remember where he got it from but that it was in the original box. About three months ago something fell on it and broke the original globe. It’s by no means perfect but I’m ok with the condition. Had some mantles on it but they were shredded so I asked if I could take it and clean it up for him. He says yes. I get it home and get all excited and clean it up and then put fire to it. So as to being unfired before me? Maybe. Would like # 678 if possible. That’s the date stamp on this one. And a big thanks to forum member Will for selling me a really nice globe. Thanks for looking and your consideration into the club😎.

Dave                                                       BernzOmatic Appreciation Club #1957

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You need to join the 275 appreciation syndicate, aka the ‘turd polishers’.
Rob in NC
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Coleman 275 Appreciation Syndicate #1962

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