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I just picked up a nice 275A at an estate sale. I have read several threads about these. On the 275A version, do I still need to replace the Schrader valve or is that only the 275 version? This is my first turd. I would rather switch it now if I need to. I haven't tried to light it yet.
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You should be good. Light it up and let’s see it!
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The 275As are easier to replace the schrader than the 275...no fooling with the FA tube from what Ive read.  You could drain it, pressurise it and dunk test the generator to make sure it shuts off.  This should give you an idea as to the integrity of the valve.
Swapping it out without testing is cheap and easy thanks to Mike.
"I would rather switch it now if I need to. I haven't tried to light it yet."

Well, light it up and see if it works. Lots of lanterns get broken when people try to fix/modify things that aren't really issues, aka "if it ain't broke now, it will be."                        
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