200A and 202 reproduction
frames back
in stock.

Long dry spell is over  I’ve only picked one lantern in the wild all year With exception of buying a few at our southeast gathering this past spring. It’s  my first 243 and it’s hard to ever turn down anything nickel with amber to boot. I’ve been kinda burned out on everything lately and finding stuff like this gets me motivated to stay after it. I hadn’t had much time to pick and work at it for a couple years with the addition of a couple baby boys. Just now starting to get back at it and enjoy a little more hobby time. Now to get in the shop and finish a mountain of unfinished projects. 7C257306-8E60-4561-A29C-55DE984B785C.jpeg  2185CFAE-51F4-4C61-9855-9458AC65A5C2.jpeg 
Blake Tidwell, Arab Alabama.
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steve p
Great finds any day.

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I concur with Greg, that’s very nice. I’ve yet to get one of those but they are usually in bad shape. 
not looking for any more Bday gpas. Honestly, if you have a 10-72 don’t let me know about it.
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Very nice!  Those are the finds that keep one going.  A good find in the wild is better than.... well it’s pretty much the best!
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Yeah I was surprised to find the 243A in this area. This is mostly occasional 200A and 95% 220/228 country. I do find oddball better stuff but it’s few and far in between. Especially this nice. Just a few min of cleaning and it should be just fine. Going to get Fred to make me a mica for it.
Blake Tidwell, Arab Alabama.
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Great find on the 243a.  I bought mine from Warren at the SE gathering last fall.  It is in good condition and I bought a Fred mica for it.  
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those are both great but there's just something about those 243's I love the one I just found

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I don't recall seeing a pic of a 243 with that much paint on it that wasn't repainted.  Nice score!


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JimL wrote:
I don't recall seeing a pic of a 243 with that much paint on it that wasn't repainted.  Nice score!
I know right! Lol I was surprised. This is just like I like to find them. I’ve just wiped the fount off with simple green and put a light coat of some flitz on it and the original paint pops pretty good. I’ll try and get a pick this afternoon of progress. The vents are usually pretty toasty too. It’s only got a little rash around the ball nut and a couple other small tiny chips here and there. 
Blake Tidwell, Arab Alabama.
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Do any of yal know if these came with nickel caps or painted. or is this something someone may of put on from a 242 or a 500 stove or something. Either way it’s probably staying as is 
Blake Tidwell, Arab Alabama.
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That 243 looks in pretty good condition already wont take much to make that shine. The 220 would be a decent project too. 
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Very nice 243A!
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the 243 lanterns I've seen all had nickel caps. A few (lucky owners) have nickel collars (Frame rests).
They are wonderful lanterns. especially the "A" with the ball nut.
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Nice finds there 👍🏻

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good ones.
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