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Sierra Roadrunner
The Old Maid ain't what she used to be. Finally got around to doing a full fettle on the 80+ year old girl. Thanks to the expertise of some members here, going through the archives,  and some parts from Cigar Mike at OCP she has been restored to all her former glowing beauty. Here she is making her debut after who knows how many years being neglected tucked away in an old shed.

Near as I can tell; there is no date on the bottom of the fount and no stamped Sunshine logo on the side of the fount. There is 242B stamped in the collar so am I on the right track that this possibly could be a 242A fount making this an early 1936-1937 242B? Hoping some experts chime in on narrowing the date.

 In addition she sports a possible rare circa 1947  transitional (replacement?) globe that grob (Gary) has uncovered in his research. I hope I don't get struck by lightning for dressing her up with a 1979-1983 parallelogram  Coleman sticker but hey it adds color.

Thanks for looking and thanks again for all the help here on CCF.
Coleman 242B a.jpe  Coleman 242B c.jpe  Coleman 242B e.jpe  Coleman 242B d.jpe 

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That cleaned up and shined up nicely, Joe, good job! Nice to see the old gal doing well. [sSig_goodjob]
Don't worry a bit about the decal; I have a red letter globe on a 228D.
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Nice work bringing that one back to life, Joe!  It’s ready for another 80 years of service.
Joe, great job on your restoration! She looks beautiful! 
Looking for Bday lanterns, 10/83, 11/84 and 10/2011.
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