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I bought a few lanterns today that have seen better days. They were cheap and looked like franks or stuff I haven't seen. One had a 242C top on a maroon 5/87 fount(Amish 200A???). The 242 vent had a hex hole and Canadian ball nut. I didn't realize the vent had different shaped holes. 
20190610_143210-600x800.jpg  20190610_175102-800x600.jpg 
The  242B has a circle hole in the vent and round ball nut. The fount is nickel marked 8/6 or 9/8 depending on which way is up. It has no other markings on the fount. No stamp on the side. Instead of the normal 242 valve, it has a red splined 220 valve knob with disc. The collar is 242B. I have a spare 242 valve stem and knob. Before I change it is there any 242 nickel fount that would have had the red splined valve stem? 
20190610_143311-600x800.jpg  20190610_143335-800x600.jpg 

There were a couple of rough 200's in there and one had what looked like a maroon low vent. Is this maroon or just burnt a little darker than normal?
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Any pics?  Hex hole in the vent isn’t Coleman factory. 

US 242s never used the splined shaft, but a 200A shaft fits in a 243 valve body. 

If it truly is a 242B fount, should have had the side stamp by the end of 1937, but there are, of course, exceptions. 
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