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Jay C B
Can someone confirm for me whether the first-instance 242 ("no letter") had a 2-piece ventilator?  Mine is a single piece but it was soldered in two places on the underside so I don't know whether this was a repair or deliberate attempt at converting it from a 2- to a 1-piece vent.

Also, I have two chimneys for this no-letter 242--a mica one and a straight-sided Pyrex one with the Pyrex branding sandblasted(?) onto the surface.  Which is the correct chimney for this lantern?  Was the Pyrex one a Coleman item?

Some would rather curse the darkness than light a Coleman lantern...
Never was a bikini (2 piece) vent. Someone repaired it.

As for the shades, mica was the standard. Pyrex globe was an option for an additional cost. These globes have been reproduced. Post a pic and we can likely tell if original unless you already know. 
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No Coleman lantern made after the 319 Arc had multi-piece vents. It's a matter of wear and tear. If the solder is soft solder or epoxy, it won't survive the heat of the vent when running.

242 vents take a beating, as those little lanterns are fierce and hot runners.

PS: With only three posts, you're very early for your first YOU SUCK!, which is a high honor here! The straight-sided Pyrex globe is exceedingly rare.
It's priceless until someone puts a price on it.
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Welcome to the forum Jay! The earliest 242 is a real winner. 
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To have an early 242 with both mica and straight sided globes definitely deserves “you suck”.  
The vent in the 242 NL as all like Coleman lamps were one piece.
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Jay C B
So I assume "YOU SUCK" means others are envious? (jealous? Ha!)  Anyway about half of the items in my collection were passed on to me--they were every day appliances used by family who were glad to abandon them on getting electric service.  The rest were acquired in the last 10-12 years.  Collecting never occurred to me until a friend urged me to buy a mil-spec lantern (252?) that I looked at on several occasions at an antique shop up in Billings.  The parts safe, quadrant globe, and '?' generator drew my attention to an otherwise familiar 220-style lantern that we used as long as I can remember.  After buying that I was curious to dig up the old lamps, lanterns, and stoves in the shed and see whether they would still run.  Most wouldn't--apparently my family was so eager to switch to electric they stored most of these passed-on GPA with fuel in them and the pump gas of that time was so much worse when stale than modern gas.

The 242 NL was purchased but I did inherit a couple of 242 As, one B, and a number of painted and plated Cs.  Never thought of them as desirable or collectable until I started collecting and talking with other collectors, who sometimes responded with what I think you mean by "YOU SUCK"! :-)

Anyway, someone directed me to this site and assured me that anything I might want to know regarding my pieces or how to refurbish them can be learned here. 

Thanks to all who replied.

Some would rather curse the darkness than light a Coleman lantern...

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