200A and 202 reproduction
frames back
in stock.

i have always read on here "it pays to ask". went by a yard sale today and glanced a oil lamp looking object. couldn't stop right then but the sale would be on the way home. stopped and looked around, lamp was still there, a green fount aladdin, complete, would be nice but what else is there. went into the garage-nickel fount in the rafters--- for sale?--oh thats old have to get a good price for it--- so how much?-- $30---
i will take it
a B47 228D
with the original glass it is very wavy looking. oh the aladdin it stayed at the sale. she wanted 75 could not swing that right now left my name just in case she wanted to come down if it didn't sell 
Good find!
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Nice one!
That's a pretty good one. 

My second big-hat was a 228D--B'47, just like yours! Congrats!

That's very clean!
It's priceless until someone puts a price on it.
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Score! Excellent find and yes, always ask  👍🏻

— L.J.
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