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Hello all,  I am working on a 220J.  The check valve was stuck closed so I removed it and cleaned it etc.  This is the first check valve I have removed that has a smaller air stem. After reassembly the fount will not hold pressure, and I don't believe it is the valve or fuel cap.  After poking through other posts it seems that this model of check valve may have an O ring even though I didn't notice one when I removed it (it was pretty grimy so I may have missed it when I brushed it off, or it had eroded).  Is that correct?  If so I have a couple of other questions as well:  What size O ring is it?  Is it possible to seal the check valve without it?  (I think I may have already answered the last question, just wondering if there is a different way to deal with this.)  Thanks!!
I'm not sure if your model should have an o ring, however, if you do need one here's the ocp link:
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im not sure when they started adding the o-rings but i have fixed a couple leakers by adding an o-ring there .
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Same as Steve, not sure when Coleman started adding the O ring. I have picked up a few new check valves from Coleman as replacements. They all have the O rings. Not sure the size, but they are very thin. 
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Size is AS568-011.

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I just changed a CV today for a 426 stove fount. The valve just would not stop leaking even with the valve stem installed and closed. I believe the stem was also damaged.

When I removed the CV I looked down the pump tube with a flash light and noticed a great deal of general debris and particles in the tube and the CV receiver threads.

At that time, it occurred to me that the minute particles and debris I saw in the pump tube and threads for the CV could cause a sealing challenge and result in a leak with the brand new CV and stem I was about to install.

I hosed out the bump tube with WD40 and then wiped out the tube with a 12 gauge brass bore brush rapped with a cotton 12 gauge cleaning patch.

Installed the new CV and stem. Did a pressure check and no issues. The new CV was sealing and the fount held pressure as it should.

This makes me think that you might want to consider removing the check valve and look down the pump tube with a flash light and see if the tube and Check Valve Receiver threads are CLEAN.

Even if they look clean hose out the threads and tube with something. I used WD40. Just about anything will work. Then re-install the CV and see if that solves the issue.

Stephen - Florida

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