200A and 202 reproduction
frames back
in stock.

I found this 2/71 220F a few months ago, it wasn't cheap but I thought I'd flip it on here as I already had an example on my shelf. This one didn't sell, but my other one found a good home so I cleaned this one up! Its a 9.5/10 in condition, and runs great!

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I remember seeing your ad. I thought it would sell quickly. I guess that some of us don't realize how uncommon they are. I wanted to take it, but didn't have the extra cash. That really turned out nice. I would agree on it being a 9.5 out of 10.
Very nice 220F.
I agree ,they are very hard to find. 

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Very nice lantern Dax! I wish I had a green one to match my red Canadian
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That one is in great condition. I've found a few them but none as nice as that one.

There's another one with a metal case that's been for sale locally for quite a while. I've been tempted to go get it.
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That's a beauty, Dax.  I don't go gaga over 220's typically, but I have to say that the red 220 that you sent me is probably my favorite and most likely the brightest one I own.
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