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I recently picked up a Coleman 220F lantern -- I don't need another one, but with a spark igniter and the original globe it was too good a deal to pass up.  The frame and fuel cap are both painted black - could this be original?  The lantern is in great shape and doesn't show any signs of rust or any other damage that would cause someone to paint parts of it black.  If it was done by an individual they did a professional-looking job on it, but I also can't find any references to black framed 220s.  It was manufactured in 1965 if that makes any difference.

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Bill R.
Mechanicsville, VA
Looks like a very good paint job from here. I've never seen that. Can't wait to read a verification of factory original, or not, regarding this. 
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Looks like partial paint on the bail. I would think someone sprayed it maybe a long time ago?
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It has been apart before, the clocking tells me so, so it easily could have been repainted.
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REJ2 wrote:
It has been apart before, the clocking tells me so, so it easily could have been repainted.

I completely agree with Bob on this one. 
I had an old 220f about 20 years ago or so that I painted the frame on it and sold it I wonder if that maybe it??
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Thanks for all the input!  Guess it's a repaint job, but it just seemed odd that someone would go to that effort on a lantern in such nice condition.  I really bought it for the spark igniter and possibly the globe, so if anyone wants it as a user lantern I'll probably be listing it in the classified section soon.  I haven't tried lighting it but it's really clean and should run great after changing out the gasket.
Bill R.
Mechanicsville, VA
There’s no decal on the fount, perhaps that was repainted too?  Maybe that’s why it looks like a nice clean lantern?
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