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Back Woods
I picked up a 220e not long ago at a flea market for $2 and a trade of a couple of rusty putty knives. It's seen a fair amount of use but, it was all there. 

Despite a lot of cleaning and a few new parts, I can't get it to light. The tank is clean and free of rust. It holds pressure. The air/fuel mixer tube is pristine with no lacquer buildup. The valve has been disassembled, cleaned and, reassembled with new graphite packing. It doesn't leak. The generator it came with was solid carbine so, I replaced the entire generator with a new one. The generator's nozzle cleaner works correctly. The screens are clean and the mantles are new (and correct). All this and I can't get it to light. I've run out of ideas.  

Question: When I pressurize the tank and open the valve, should I see some liquid come out the top or just vapor? It hisses loudly but, there's no liquid. Is this correct?

I'm probably missing something obvious but, at the risk of looking like an idiot, maybe someone out there can clue me in.

Thanks in advance!

Welcome. When you open the valve you should hear a hiss. This is air passing through. Sometimes it takes a little while, especially if you just took it all apart, to get the fuel to start to flow. There is a tell tale change in sound when that happens. Sounds a bit like a straw with air & liquid passing through. When you hear that, now it is time to add fire.  If that sound never changes then despite the appearance of the F/A tube (fuel/air) may need to be cleaned.

You should hear some "spitting" from the valve after a minute or so.  If not (as noted) - likely the Fuel Air Tube is blocked.

Lower part in pic below is the F/A tube.  If you fully disassembled the lantern then you had this part out.  About half the time when I remove one and don't soak in vinegar or mess with carb cleaner - it seems to clog again.  It is possible with some carb cleaner and air pressure and a removed fuel cap to disassemble the lantern, leaving the F/A tube in place, get some carb cleaner soaking in it (F/A tube) and blow through with the air.  Might take a time or two to achieve success.  I did this early in my lantern days as I was not confident in my ability to remove/replace parts and reassemble the 220's.  Now if there is any issue - it gets removed.

Consider trying the Carb Cleaner from the top - maybe a 30-50% chance of success.  Carb Cleaner may damage the paint - so be careful, and WEAR EYE PROTECTION to avoid stray drops getting in your eyes when using the air.

You can also make this happen through the valve - just make sure it is open!

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You've got more than 1/2 tank of fuel in it?
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Back Woods
Thank you all. I was also guessing it had to be the F/A tube. I did take it apart and blow carb cleaner through it but, maybe not enough. I'll give that another try. 

Also, yes, there's plenty of fuel in the tank. One thought I had was that maybe the fuel was no longer good. It's probably 20 years old. After reading about white gas online though, I was surprised how many people said it basically had an indefinite lifespan. And, I tried the fuel in an old SVEA stove and it worked fine. Still, maybe I should pick up another gallon before Armageddon is here 😉 
fuel brained
Did you make sure the pricker was engaged properly in the eccentric block?. I have missed that a few times.
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Check to see if you get any fuel with the generator removed.
If not, there's a problem down lower.

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I have another method that sometimes works  for cleaning the FA without dis assembly if Mike's suggestion doesn't work.

BUT, are you certain you got it back together correctly?
the tube has a rod and a spring that fits from the top. some (myself included) had either forgotten the spring or put it on top of the rod.
the spring goes in first and then the rod last. also if you do take it apart again ensure that the rod doesn't stick in the down position. The lil problem drove me batty for an entire weekend.  lol

hope this helps
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