200A and 202 reproduction
frames back
in stock.

I do not see big hat Coleman's very often. Are they uncommon or a regional item? 
I recently got one, but would like to collect.more.
Trick or trout! Anybody got a fish?
Just how big is Aroostook County anyway??
Around me it seems like one out of five greenies are 228(big hat) vs 220(short brim) they are a little more cumbersome for camping as they take up more room... But man are they cool! 
Toby Garner
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Go look around a fishing hotspot. 220s throw light out sideways, they are good for lighting up a campsite; while 228s throw light downwards more and would appeal to night fishermen. 

Chautauqua County, New York
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Wanted: GPA dated 5/89 (Red 286?  Black Powerhouse? 508? Early Unleadeds? Canadian things? I'll settle for a propane job at this point) Vintage Sunbeam Mixmaster bowls and accessories, Ruby-cased 10in lamp shade, 7D Mag-lite
They are very attractive.  I grew up looking at a big hat, summers camping, late 50’s.
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A bigger vent diameter for a few more bucks.
When they were commonly sold/popular/new they likely sold in lower numbers.
Not rare. But rarer than 220's. Which they basically are. 
Keep looking. You'll find em!
Purty colors. Well , cept'n maybe that brown when it's on fire...
So I found an almost new 220 in an aluminum case, the case had years of dust and dirt which clean up. While at the sale I spied the big hat, the fount was trash from sitting on a wet floor in a barn. The rest of the lantern is fantastic. It happens that I have a 220 of the same year with a broken burner cage. The work is done and I don't think there are any objections to the pairing.
Trick or trout! Anybody got a fish?
Just how big is Aroostook County anyway??
No objections at all! Let's see your handiwork!
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Until I discovered the 222/226/229 backpacking lanterns, 228's are all I wanted. I still ended up with a bunch of everything else though! ðŸ˜ƒ  And yep . . . we use one for night fishing. Probably my favorite overall lantern.
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The first Coleman that I ever collected was a b/47 Big Hat, in the box, with the words "Spare Lantern " hand written on the box. It sprang a leak the other day near the bottom of the side, I almost cried. The search is on for a D nickel fount.
Love the big hats!  I had four big hats, and in Gettysburg I picked up two more, a 228C and a 228D, both will be cooler weather projects. Earlier this spring I acquired a 237 kero (6/54 Can-Am) with a really bad vent. I had a spare big hat vent, so I checked and it fit. A couple new holes in the vent for a modified 200A bail, and I have a 237 big hat!

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Huntingdon, PA

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The very first lantern that got me into collecting is a 57 228e that i still have and use all the time. 
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Looking for any lanterns or stoves dated 5/63 or 1/72
A nickel 220D from the late 40s is what got me into collecting, it is in way better shape than I remember, no dents, rust scratches, or even chips on the vent. I didn't even remember that it's near perfect! 😄
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I notice them for sale often. I’m not sure if they are regional or not. I picked up an 8-55 228E   last week while on a road trip. I have a couple others as well. 

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I am still looking for my first!
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Got a nickel to 228D at a swap meet three decades ago for 20 bucks, I had a 200A  That I camped with but the 228 was the one that got me thinking about collecting. They are 😎 
Not looking for anything. I have too much already, my wife says. 
So after reading, I went to take a closer look at my work, Duh! I installed the wrong collar. I guess I made a project for another rainy day.
Trick or trout! Anybody got a fish?
Just how big is Aroostook County anyway??

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