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Can I convert a 214A700 lantern from kerosene to Dual-Fuel (Unleaded gas)? Would i just change the regulator or is it more complicated? If I can do this what parts should I order?
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It would be more difficult than that. Those are not very common lanterns. Sell it to a Collecter and buy a gas/camp fuel lantern that are 100x more common. 
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No parts needed for that one. Just put gas or cf in and light the same way as for kero...

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I’d be happy to trade a couple gasoline lanterns for a 214.
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Willcat is right, kerosene lanterns are pretty much dual fuel right out of the box since the preheat is already there. You might find them a little dimmer with gasoline as it has less energy per volume than kero but they'll light and burn no problem, no changes required.

One warning though, don't leave unleaded gasoline (RUG - regular unleaded gasoline) in a lantern long term, it's will have water in it and could lead to rusting inside the tank. I suspect pump gas will have caused a lot of the rusting people see in lanterns.


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I think that a lot of collectors would love to trade you a nice dual fuel lantern for your 214. I have a nice 214, but there are plenty of others that don't. Maybe put an ad in the classifieds for a trade deal. A 285 or 295 dual fuel will burn nice and bright on Coleman fuel or unleaded gas without needing to preheat anything.
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