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Jay C B
Will a loose ceramic burner insert cause running problems?

I’ve started to refurbish my ‘54 202 Professional and while removing the burner I noticed that the ceramic insert within the knurled ring is quite loose, although it is securely retained. Is this normal?  If not, is there any heat-resistant cement that can be used to fix the insert in its ring?

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No, the ceramic part is supposed to be a bit loose. The brass to brass connection is threaded tight. 
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The ceramic will expand with the heat.  If you crimp it tight it will probably crack.  As Chuck says, it's supposed to be like that.
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I just refurbed a 202 about 2 weeks ago. The ceramic portion was a bit loose. It runs like a scalded hound dog so I don't believe it'll be a problem. 

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Jay C B
Thanks everyone for confirming the loose fit is normal. I subsequently checked one of my black bands and its insert is just as loose, too. 
Some would rather curse the darkness than light a Coleman lantern...

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