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Hi there,
I recently got a 200a and I've been a little busy lately so only now have I actually tried to test fire it. well, it just ain't taking the pressure.  I don't know if its the actual pump, when I pressed the handle down air came out the thumb hole so im assuming its still pushing air.  I checked the cap too, a little dry so it might be that.  Other than that I don't know if its the check valve, or maybe a leak in the stem, which I never heard of. 
Just wondering if anyone more experienced than I would be able to tell me some troubleshooting techniques.  thanks!
if it's older than me, I trust it to last.
On the pump, you have to turn the plunger one or two turns open to open the needle valve before pumping. I'd say 90% of lantern air leaks are due to old fuel cap gasket leaks.
Tighten the fuel cap, Pump in some pressure and then remove the pump stem so leather does not get wet. Remove glass and reinstall the handle.  Submerge in water up and over the large nut on the generator.  If there are any leaks you should see them easily.  Remove lantern and dry off.  Replace fuel cap gasket if leaking, Loosen and tighten the generator nut if the leak is there.  If leak is at the fuel knob or any part of this system then it will require some tightening.   Re-pressurize and submerge again.  If leaking you will have to replace gaskets or packing etc. and submerge again.  Should not be too difficult unless the fount itself is leaking .  If this is the case then IMHO best to clean up and remove fuel and use as a shelf piece.
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Agree with above posts.  If a lantern is losing pressure, 90% of the time, it's the filler cap gasket.
Hi folks, 
Thanks again for the quick advice and whatnot.  I spent some time this morning troubleshooting and I figured out the issue.  So, just posting this in case someone else has the same issue as I.  

I tested the fuel cap on another lantern that I know works, and it ended up holding pressure overnight. a bit of a shocker because it (the o-ring) was chipping away at the slightest prodding, but a Lil' petroleum jelly and its almost good as new!  but still, it wasn't taking on any pressure.  my next experiment was the pump cup, which I thought was oiled well enough when I got it, so, I cleaned it up, sat it in some oil for a few hours, reshaped it and slid it back into the well, I added some gun oil to it (IMO it works the best) and it started moving air properly!  The only issue that I have now is that the pump loses air if I stop pumping (even when I have my thumb on the hole) and continues to lose air until I screw it tight. I'm too young to know if that's just something with old lanterns, or if the check valve is shot.

So as of now its in fine working order, other than that one issue I listed.  

Also, just want to know if it's normal for it to... catch fire a little, before lighting and operating normally. I let it burn for an hour and nothing bad happened, so yea.

Thanks y'all
if it's older than me, I trust it to last.
"a bit of a shocker because it (the o-ring) was chipping away at the slightest prodding, but a Lil' petroleum jelly and its almost good as new!"

Be careful with that. When the lantern heats up, the petroleum jelly will liquify and the leak can return, possibly resulting a little fire at the fuel cap (been there, done that). A new gasket will fix it up.
Sounds like you are getting close. It also sounds like the check valve ball in the bottom of the pump tube is not sealing or stuck. You can try blowing in there with a compressor to dislodge anything loose. and even some carb cleaner to un-stick it You can remove and clean the check valve but it is very tough with out the tool
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