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I'm in the process of restoring a 200A that was passed down to me by father. This is my first rebuild.  I thought all was going great but upon testing, fuel leaks from the new generator even when the burner valve is fully closed.  Fuel also leaks at the base of the "U" tube.  I did not use a sealant as some have suggested, but I believe everything was assembled and tighten correctly.  
I'm not sure what the next step is.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Did the lantern operate before you started working on it? What/how much did you take apart during the "rebuild"?
 let's try to determine the process used. Did you try lighting the lantern? If you just pump it up and crack open the valve( testing your work) it will take a few moments to relieve the generator of pressure. Since fuel is spraying but not burning it will leak at any unsealed joints.
How long did it leak?
Did it stop on its own or did you have to loosen the fuel cap to relieve pressure?
I would put a mantle on it and try lighting it. 
Remember it will not shut off immediately when you close the valve, it has to burn the fuel out of the generator.
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If fuel is leaking out even with the valve fully closed then I would check out the valve seat first to see if it's notched or corroded.
Remove the vent, globe, cage then open the valve again with the tank pressurized and see if fuel exits the genny tip then stops after closing the valve.  When flooded, fuel will run down the air tube since the raw fuel is spewing up into the air tube.
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another one fighting a 200A huh? 
Maybe time to move to a 242?
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Check this https://www.colemancollectorsforum.com/post/basic-lantern-diagnostics-10620466?pid=1312378969
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Take the generator off. Pressurize the fount and crack open the valve. You should get fuel spitting out of the top of the valve. If it’s still seeping after you close it then you’ll have to clean up the tip of the valve shaft.
Sounds to me like you opened the valve and let it sit for a few seconds flooding the burner tube/air tube. Was fuel dripping down out of the burner cap?
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