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I got a pair of 200's  and am cleaning them up, One is a '55 and the other a '64 I took them all down and have everything in its own box, except for the frame nut.  One is stamped and one is solid. I am assuming the solid one is for the '64 because both the other 200's I have are from the fifties and have the stamped nut.  
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I have a '77 200A with a stamped nut. As far as I know it's all original, but one never knows the history of a previously owned item.
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The solid hex nut is earlier. The stamped “PAL” nut is later. Your ‘55 would have the solid hex nut.

Edit:  I just ran across this on page 182 of The Book:

"Between February 1958 and July 1958 they stopped using a solid nut to mount the frame on the valve assembly/fount and started using pressed steel (PAL) nuts."

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I change some of them to a stainless 1/4-20 nut, some not all.
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yeah I have had so many PAL nuts rusted away that I bought a bag of Stainless steel solid nuts. I figure the swap out is minor  when the PAL is too far gone.

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