200A and 202 reproduction
frames back
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I purchased these two Tilley X246B's back in January, sent to me all way from Great Britain. Seller had one NIB and the other was used. The NIB is the one that I originally set out to buy. Paid just over $32.00 dollars (23.00 pounds) for it. Seller also says that he had another slightly used one, same model & color and would sell it to me for the same price as the NIB and would also throw in accessories and that I could save on shipping as well. After looking at pictures of the used one, etc. decided to go for it and well here they are.

IMG_2937.jpg  IMG_2938.jpg  IMG_2941.jpg 

Once they arrived the first thing I did was inspect each one then afterwards give them each a good washing and cleaning. 

IMG_2942.jpg  IMG_2944.jpg  IMG_2943.jpg  IMG_2948.jpg  IMG_2949.jpg 
The seller even sent a couple of spare parts and mantles as well!

Now comes the Fettle part. When I first purchased these X246B's and were on there way to me, I already had plan's as to what I was specifically going to do to them. I decided that I was going to replace each original Burner, Vaporizer and Control Cock with all brass parts, which I had already had sent off for and had waiting. Here is a picture of the new customize Burners compared to the original Burners (after cleaning and restoring them).

IMG_2995.jpg  IMG_2996.jpg 

And just to confirm, yes the new Burners fit perfectly in the Hood!
Again, here are the original Burners and Vaporizers after reconditioning and ready for packaging and storage.
IMG_3039.jpg  IMG_3040.jpg  IMG_3041.jpg 

Here are the custom Burners.
Tilley X246B custom made Burner by Julian Shaw.jpg  Tilley X246B custome made Burner by Julian Shaw II.jpg  Tilley X246B custome made Burner by Julian Shaw III.jpg  Tilley X246B custome made Burner by Julian Shaw IV.jpg 

Here are the custom Vaporizers.
Tilley custom all brass vapouriser.jpg  Tilley custom all brass vapouriser II.jpg  Tilley custom all brass vapouriser IV.jpg 

I had decided that the X246B that was NIB was just going to be washed and cleaned then polished. As for the used X246B I decided to just repaint it a deep tractor red. I thought maybe just removing the paint and leaving it looking just brass or maybe even some other color but decided not to.
IMG_2978.jpg  IMG_2979.jpg  IMG_2985.jpg 

Now comes the re-assemble part for both. As for the original Pumps, well I decided to keep those original, just clean both up real good and replace the Seals, Springs and Leather Pump Cup.

First though, a picture of what each brass Control Cock looks like.
Tilley Brass 3 Step Cock.jpg 

New Seals, Springs, Leather Pump Cup, etc. from the Fettle Box as well as direct from Tilley International.
tilley washers, seals and leather pump.jpg  IMG_3006.jpg 
IMG_2990.jpg  IMG_2991.jpg  IMG_2992.jpg  IMG_2993.jpg  IMG_3007.jpg  IMG_3008.jpg  IMG_3009.jpg  IMG_3010.jpg  IMG_3010.jpg 

All ready for fuel, pump and lighting up!
IMG_3011.jpg  IMG_3005.jpg 

Now to burn in the mantles and light'em up!
IMG_3020.jpg  IMG_3022.jpg  IMG_3021.jpg  IMG_3023.jpg  IMG_3025.jpg

Thanks for viewing.

"TURD" #0132
"MILSPEC" #0024

Those are a couple of beauties! Looked well-packed and lots of extras. Congrats!
Very nicely done. 
Mister Wilson
Those are very nice, and you did a great job shining them up.  The price looked pretty good also.  I'm becoming more fond of Tilley products the more I see them.  They certainly had some very unique offerings over the years.
H.C. Lanterns dealer
Coleman 275 Appreciation Syndicate #2001 A Turd's Odyssey
Canadian Blues #028
Coleman Slant Saver #31
Looking for 6-56 and 6-58 Birthday lanterns.
There's been an alarming increase in the number of things I know nothing about.
Very neat work there .

The new Tilley vapourisers are available here

Gippsland, Victoria, Australia
Great score there and very nice !
Great work. nice pair. I’ve a soft spot for Tilley’s. Over engineered but that makes them fun to work on. They have a cool look. Wish I’d bought the seal kit from the get go. Didn’t realize I’d find more than a couple.
ICCC #1481
Well, there was a whole lot of goodies and bits in those boxes!  Very nice job on shining and polishing those fine lamps; they look even better working!
ICCC #1012


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