200A and 202 reproduction
frames back
in stock.

helped a pal install a water heater in his remote cabin, and he got me a little gift.... yellow band 200A and Maker's.jpg  0719201612a_copy_800x600.jpg  0719201611_copy_800x600.jpg  0719201611a_copy_800x600.jpg  0719201612_copy_800x600.jpg super super clean. no rim rash. best thing that happened all day.  heater ended up being defective; gotta go back.   But the 220A!
thanks for looking
me encanta las estufas, pero las linternas encender mi vida
That's a great gift for helping a pal!

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Looks to be in great shape as well!. Nice lantern👍
Toby Garner
ICCC #1939
A real sweet combo if I ever saw one. Nice friend indeed. You can’t go wrong on either item. 
Dave                                                       BernzOmatic Appreciation Club #1957
That’s a good friend
Milspec Ops #0723
Nice lantern. Great year!😉
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I'll come out and help on the next one if he had another lantern like that one!!
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Lanterns are like tools. 
You can not have too many unless your wife says so!!

Gas is what you use for washing parts diesel is for making power!

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Looking for any lanterns or stoves dated 5/63 or 1/72
Bumpkin 95
Gotta love a tall vent 200 with good porcelain.
  • Lee
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  • Like a lantern just hanging out
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Ridge Runner
You’ve got a pretty good pal there. My 9/59 doesn’t look that good and it certainly didn’t come with a sweet bottle of bourbon!!

— L.J.
Looking for 10/2015 & 1/2020 B-Day Lanterns
I love the smell of naphtha in the morning!
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Very nice thank you gift, Bill.  If that's a long tie string on the mantle in the 2nd picture, you may want to trim it, as it could possibly poke a hole in the mantle.
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You sir have an awesome friend! That's a pretty lantern 🙂 

Coleman Quick Lite Crew #048

 Anyone have a 6/95 birthday lantern?
fired up with the fuel in it.  check valve tool is such a lifesaver...I know the cap isn't correct but golly what a beaut!0719202213_copy_600x800.jpg 
me encanta las estufas, pero las linternas encender mi vida

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