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i sit out on my back porch as i type this with my new old 252a burning not running bad along with my 242b running also i have heard that these mil specs have a mind of there own just wondering does wind bother them because every time a good breeze blows the dam thing starts to flame up and dims down at the same time then the wind stops it clears right up and of course the 242 just burns fine so i am thinking that this is normal it makes me laugh they want to be to bright so the enemy cant see but it runs so loud that they just have to follow the roar it makes but hey i still like it keepem burnin
bud newhouse
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I wonder if the wind is providing some combustion air that is lacking?  Mine are unaffected by wind, but do like to be pumped up occasionally. (Mostly due to low fuel level.)  My favorite user has both air tubes open and roars happily along all night.  No drama. 

I spent a lot of time in the Marine Corps in places where I wasn't really necessary, but everybody was glad I was there when they had trouble.  This meant my sleeping arrangements often left something to be desired. Like a bed of pallets over mud in a wet bunker.  Radio watch could doze with the roar of a lantern in the communication bunker and wake instantly at the click of the radio, but there was nothing worse than waking up and hearing ... nothing... in the dark.  It's a wonder I didn't burn us out, half asleep, cursing out the radio operator, refueling hot lanterns in near darkness and getting them lit and settled down so I could go back to sleep.   
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