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I'm a newbie to the lantern collecting hobby. I recently picked up  1944 milspec lantern that I thought was a Coleman. Got it from a private party cleaning out their dad's garage. Turned out to be a AGM. Lost pressure fast and when dunked revealed 3 or 4 splits in the brass fount. Saw a thread on another site regarding solder repair for this. I understand the dangers regarding a potential failure of such repairs. The globe is a old Coleman one. The lantern has no parts well but does have the clip on wrench. I read an older thread where someone used a Coleman 220 fount instead.
What should I do here?
Additionally I got a Kamp-lite LRL 21B that I cleaned up and got running but poorly. Thing flames up. No real hiss noise. Seems too rich maybe. Had it all apart. Dont think there's any air flow obstructions. 
Cleaned generator with starting fluid.
Any tips appreciated. Thanks
I have a really nice AGM like that including the non-optional stress cracks.
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I bought a 44 that was cracked so bad it looks like a stop sign from the aerial view ðŸ˜ but I believe it is an Akron. Figured the price was worth the parts. 

Personally a cracked fount is junk to me.. that is a material defect, even if sealed im not sure it wouldn't just happen again..
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Best move here is to just replace it. A Coleman 220 fount will work just fine.
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You could always ask in the classifieds, some one here might have a mil-spec fount they'd be willing to part with.
Agree, scrap the AGM fount and use a 220.
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"Dont think there's any air flow obstructions"

Best thing to do is make sure there are no air flow obstructions. The air intake tubes and burner tubes probably have spider and bug nest in them.

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