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Hi all,


Awaiting perhaps more exciting restorations, I decided to make a resto on a Swedish Radius 119 lantern I bought years ago for 25$ on a flee market. This Radius model are perhaps the most well known of the Radius lanterns, and the model 119 was made from 1931 to 1961, and although ordinary this one has a bit of age. I've got this  lantern dated, by the expert of Swedish lamps, Nils Stephenson from Copenhagen, With fibre cleaning wheel, safety valve filler cap and fuel level gauge, but not yet the logo change of "Radius Ltd No. 119" stamped on the tank, this lantern is dated to 1937.   


This is a reliable Radius kerosene fed 300/500 CP workhorse type lantern, like the rival from Primus, the 1020 model lantern.



before............Radius 119 lantern before.jpg 

and after..........

Radius 119 lantern.jpg  Radius 119 lantern lit.jpg
  Radius 119 lantern parts.jpg 

Radius 119 lantern 2 parts.jpg   Radius 119 lantern burner.jpg 

Radius 119 with unlit mantle.jpg   Radius 119 lantern with pressure safety valve.jpg 

Radius 119 lantern fuel gauge.jpg   Radius 119 lantern fibre wheel.jpg 

Radius 119 lantern mantle.jpg   Katalog Radius 119.jpg 

in the snow...........................

Radius 119 in snow 2.jpg   Radius 119 in snow.jpg 

A neat lantern and a fine light up in the snow!
I'll gladly give you your $25 back for it.
Exellent work, and and I believe the Radius 119 is one the most beautiful lanterns ever made. [thumb]

Walking the Kerosene trail
(Just west of Mica Valley)
Geir, Norway

8 lanterns to go! [angel]

Another beautiful lantern, Conny.  Love it!
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Thanks for posting
once again your work is very impressive!!
What a beautiful lantern
ICCC 957
Very Beautiful , Nice Work!

Inquiring Minds Want To Know
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That's beautiful.  Those preheat cup clips are a pain though.
I have an early and late one here. One kerosene and one "sprit". Never noticed the "Ltd" until now. My clips will separate if I disassemble the lantern one more time.
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great lantern yet again Conny 

Now ICCC Certified !!!! # 1693 

Just waiting for a power outage
Another great lantern, Conny. You appear to have a varied and interesting collection of lamps and lanterns which I would love to see in the flesh, and the one you have shown here is a nice one.
From what I have read on posts from the CPL site, Radius made the Aladdin 12A model lantern for Aladdin Industries in Australia in the early 1930's based on this Radius model 119. Aladdin Australia went on to make their Aladdin 1A model during WW2. and after, simplifying some of the Radius Aladdin 12A features.
They must have made plenty of them, as the Australian Aladdin 1A lantern is the one you are most likely to find at flea markets, second hand stores ect. down here. I know a few of the CCF members here have one in their collection. So, if you have an Aladdin 1A it has a relationship with Conney's Radius 119 lantern.

Those seem so sturdy and well made and as always you do a top-notch job of restoration!
Blue Grass Texan
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Anyone have a trick to getting a NRV out of one of these that is rounded off? I had to put it aside before I did more damage to it. Not sure what year mine is but it looks exactly like yours conny. Same valve wheel and all.
Your wife called she said ''BUY ALL THE GPA'S YOU WANT'' Trust me....
Looking for 5/79 502,
And 6/08 anything.
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