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 Hi all,


This is the mid 30´s Akron 150 vase lamp made for Montgomery Ward/Chicago. The lamp is equipped with the "infamous" Instant-Glo burner unit.  I've tried to figure out the idea behind the Instant-Glo format from the 1933 patent and I must say it is most intricate and complicated.  Although interesting engineering burner wise; it must have been many things here that could go wrong. The burner has three different "valve housing modes" that is regulated by the control knob. From what I've learned of the patent the two end positions with a pressurized tank give you either "shut off" or "fuel only" and the intermediate position gives a mix of air and fuel for "cold lighting" the burner. When the generator gets hot you have to switch on to the "fuel only" position. The only way I could get the burner to function was to treat it as  a conventional burner unit and after some generator pre heating switch on to the "fuel only" mode. The patent you can find here - https://www.google.com/patents/US1920933?dq=akron+lamp+company&hl=sv&sa=X&ei=vYoLVKnNKaaCzAOA-III&ved=0CB0Q6AEwAA

The lamp was easy to get in order;
 just needed some cleaning. I've waited a long time to get a nice parchment replacement shade to put on this vase lamp but couldn't find any. The original shade is probably impossible to obtain, but the paper shade I now found looks OK.



some "before" shots.............................

Akron MW 150 vase lamp before 1.jpg  Akron MW 150 vase lamp before 2.jpg 

and "after" .................

Akron MW 150 vase lamp.jpg   Akron MW 150 vase lamp blue flame.jpg  Akron MW 150 vase lamp lit mantles.jpg 

Akron MW 150 vase lamp lit.jpg   Akron MW 150 vase lamp lit from above.jpg 

Akron MW 150 vase lamp parts.jpg 
Akron MW 150 vase lamp controls and mica shade holder.jpg  Akron MW 150 vase lamp with mica and shade holder.jpg 

Akron MW 150 vase lamp burner unit.jpg   Akron MW 150 vase lamp Instant-Glo generator and cleaning needle.jpg  Akron MW 150 vase lamp Instant-Glo generator and cleaning needle rod.jpg 

Akron MW 150 vase lamp Instant-Glo generator burner valve.jpg  Akron MW 150 vase lamp controls.jpg  Akron MW 150 vase lamp pump and fuel cap.jpg                           Akron MW 150 vase lamp no Akron logo knob.jpg 

Akron MW 150 vase lamp Instant-Glo burner and lamp patent.jpg
not a lamp we see much at all even here in the states , fantastic lamp you have there Conny .
[DrSteve2]    Steve , Keeper of the Light !!!
Well fettled once again Conny!
Gorgeous... I dream of finding one someday
ICC Member #881
Connie, absolutly STUNNING

Mitakiuye Oyasin " All My Relations"
The lamp is just.... wow! You are also a professional-class photographer, great pics.
Thanks guys! Yes, it is a very nice lamp.

Just wow. Is all i can say.... i stared in silence for what seemed like an eternity.  This is a dream piece. 
ICCC Member #1045

Wow! That's a stunner. Congrats!

Chester Hoff and his rack and pinion generator--a man for the ages...

My best gal is a Coleman outing pal!
2 1/2 minutes to Midnight...
Um, nice???  Jeesh words don't do it justice.
Another sweet piece Conny!
Just call me Voos.

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Bruce Sheehe
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Once again, great work Conny !!
That is splendid

ICCC 957
Awesome and stunning! What a nice shade! I didn't know that was how they were constructed, and just draped on the wire frame.
John L. Kemmis ICCC #703
Bernz Appreciation Club #007
I collect the Coleman 290 series
and the usual unusual ones.
ya , i am curious about the shade too . is it de tached from the frame on purpose ? or just come apart ?
[DrSteve2]    Steve , Keeper of the Light !!!
That turned out just gorgeous, Conny! Work of this quality (and pics to match) is an inspiration for the rest of us. Thanks so much for sharing!

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Steve - This is my first paper shade experience; I bought the paper shade off a German collector and it's meant to be put onto the frame by just pressing it down. The shape you can determine yourself by how much diameter you knit the shade to and also how hard you press it onto the frame. You can also cut the shade with a scissor to the length you want it. The shade came folded like a Japanese fan. This is a NOS paper shade from around 1940.

I've used the word "wow" so often in your threads, Conny.  Every one deserved.  Another
beautifully restored lamp!  I think that shade mates up with the green vase perfectly, too.
Interesting burner, like so many of your lamps have.
Dean -Midnight Kerosene Ritualist--http://www.deansmachine.com  ICCC #1220.   275 commiseration #0018.
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Thanks Dean and others for your kind words! I see a lot fantastic restorations on this forum and also a lot of helpfulness among members. It's great to be a part of all that!


/ Conny

WOW, that is unusual, and colorful!   Super.

Montgomery Ward was a person, actually, not two people.  [smile]  His name was Aaron Montgomery Ward if I recall correctly. 
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Just one great fettle Conny!! Good attention to detail.
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WOW is that ever beautiful! the picture with the shade on looks sooooo good!!

◢◤ Dylan Hayden - Esterhazy, Sk. ◢◤

Hi Conny.
Wonderful lamp and excellent work, as usual.
The shade nicely complements the lamp. Great find.
I have two Akron table lamps (shown here earlier) with the same instant glo generator. Didn´t know about a third position of the control knob. I need to check that again. :-)
I'm very happy with my lamps also.
Happy lighting, Erwin.
My homepage: http://www.eschaefer.de
Pls. see navigation on HP for Collectors Maps.
As always, just beautful !
That's a really lovely lamp , well done!

S'pose he's out in the shop fettling another lamp or stove again!!!

Looking for a 12/64 birthday lamp[Yeah]

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