200A and 202 reproduction
frames back
in stock.

Found this in fair shape at a flea market. $30 and some elbow grease. Everything was in repairable shape. Some turtle wax, Nevr dull, and brasso did the trick. I’m very pleased with how it came out.  62B19C23-711B-4C30-9BE3-2164B689591B.jpeg  81C2807C-BF01-4F2D-AD63-7645C6913E2D.jpeg  00ADB8A0-A7CF-49B1-9B84-E0E643DB1A17.jpeg  4E2012DD-B5D1-4278-BD88-D93535F778A0.jpeg  9B8BC997-64FF-4B09-8D3F-C97E317925DB.jpeg  95CA711A-6BEB-4081-8C01-1F0EA295F2E4.jpeg  998990A2-6FA4-40C0-80C5-CEAB290EAEAB.jpeg  87CEF776-5A64-44E5-9A82-3F3289656740.jpeg  E6172E90-E5CA-4D9A-AC25-4CBA7486D9B3.jpeg  BA0144D6-1734-4137-AA7E-4E69813D35B7.jpeg  44F28662-4C91-4FAF-9979-276E6F959F54.jpeg  2BB5591C-1386-401C-8FCF-6B5861BA5542.jpeg 
Welcome Luke from NE Ohio. Great to have you here. Yep. It only takes one lantern. Keep the pics of the new ones coming. It’s only a matter of time😄. And nice job on the 200A. 
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Lantern Junkie
Welcome aboard and a few words of advice would be to start building shelves ! 
Nice score on that 200A! Cleaned up nicely. I have two and always have an eye out for more lol. Welcome from western Massachusetts. 
Looking for Bday lanterns, 10/83, 11/84 and 10/2011.
Milspec Syndicate member #1020 
The 200a is blast to work on and great for a first time project. Welcome to the forum and good job!
Richard (KC native and KU Alumni living in Maryland)
Rock Chalk, Jayhawk. Go KU!
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Hello and Welcome from NZ.
Nice work cleaning that one up!

Living and learning in NZ
Hoping to reach cognitive and emotional maturity before my children do.

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