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  • One for the 500 experts.

    On my last camping trip I had a little issue with my 500. It looked as if there was some "stuff" clogging up the wafers where the flame...

    4 702

    Started by mikef813

  • Nickel Fount Cleaning

    Someone had posted some information on this, but I did a search and couldn't find the thread. Hoping the same person could post again. I'm hoping...

    4 1,354

    Started by OregonMichael

  • cleaning out the fount

    wondering what to use, vinegar, or just clean coleman fuel and BB's ? and what percentage etc... this is the first time for me....

    18 1,635

    Started by suprz

  • something doesn't sound right...???

    I called the swap shop radio program sat. morning and let the whole world (well at least the broadcasting area) know I was looking for Lanterns and...

    19 1,209

    Started by Jimbo

  • 252 Mil-spec

    I fired up a 66 252 last night that I got off e-bay from Ernie Ash. This thing burns very bright. My question is, do all the mil-specs make a lot of...

    10 1,417

    Started by rtterral

  • 220E air tube defect?

    I just got the burner assembly apart for the 220E and i have discovered that there is a "pinch" in the air tube. it feels like someone...

    10 963

    Started by suprz

  • Any good way to date a Preway?

    I purchased a Preway Model L46S (Sears 742-461), it's the same unit he Terry Marsh shows on his web site (bottom of the page) ( ...

    5 1,298

    Started by Steve_G

  • NOS single mantle mica globe?

    Hello All, I have a NOS mica globe that fits the single mantle lanterns, 242. Was the original on a 242 a mica or glass? Not sure what this was...

    10 1,029

    Started by FourJ

  • 242 c

    Hi Ya'll, I just scored my second 242c. the date stamping is 4/11. Can anyone out there tell me it's birthday? I tied one on, added fuel and she...

    7 1,054

    Started by rtterral

  • L327 packing

    Hi! What does one use for valve packing on a L327 coleman , is packing still available from Frank? If not what are some of your ideas,thanks in...

    5 964

    Started by steve1

  • 425 Stove rebuild

    Hi all. I'm currently trying to rebiuld my first 2-burner stove. I've got the No. 425F499T from the windshield and looked up the parts diagram in...

    3 1,447

    Started by Erwin

  • Dry Clean Only - Ventilators

    OK , i have changed my ways , now days i only dry clean my ventilators . we have all seen the 4 chips on the top of many 200A style lanterns and...

    12 1,375

    Started by SteveRetherford

  • Frame construction?

    Burner frames (such as on the 242 lantern) had two brass air tubes, which were secured to the base mechanically, and then to the burner casting...

    13 1,000

    Started by morgantruce

  • Need help 288A

    I recently acquired a 1993 288A (got it because it's my son's birth month and year) anyway when I received it I quickly realized it had some...

    8 1,438

    Started by Halfdome08

  • The Blues Brothers

    12 1,303

    Started by SteveRetherford

  • powder coating

    Or powdha coating for those from Maine. Has anyone tried this? it seems perfect for fonts. Because they are small and can be easily baked and are...

    9 1,532

    Started by Asbestos

  • Burning alcohol in a catalytic heater.

    I used one of my musrooms tonight to warm the garage up while I changed oil, and a question hit me. Can you burn denatured alcohol in one of these?...

    18 3,127

    Started by BCosby

  • Vinegar

    Has anyone used vinegar inside a fount to get rid of rust? If so how long would it be safe to let it soak? Jim

    22 2,148

    Started by Jim_l

  • 200A Tip Cleaner Assembly

    Ok guys, I have a new problem. Have any of you ever replaced a tip cleaner assembly on a 200A valve? I had a bad one and since I had an extra...

    18 1,833

    Started by Cigar_Mike

  • Sears Red single mantle model 476.74550

    Over the weekend i picked up 5 little red lanterns for 50 bucks , BUT i only realy wanted one of them . the parts for this little red sears lantern...

    15 2,513

    Started by SteveRetherford

  • globes

    basic question alert is it normal for the globes to be a bit loose? most of mine are. well all of them. and also I am just starting, so if I get...

    19 1,313

    Started by Asbestos

  • 220 Slant gen question

    I am in the middle of an FFR and am trying to determine how to remove the F/A tube from the fount. Is it threaded into the fount? I wouldn't think so...

    17 1,818

    Started by Steve_Ash

  • 530 Mishap!!

    I thought I'd spend part of the morning working on the 530 Pocket Stove project and ran into something weird. Parts of the stove seemed to have some...

    12 1,507

    Started by OregonMichael

  • VHT Clear Coat on Bare Metal

    Got some VHT clear coat and tried it today. Looked OK at 250 degrees. Looked kind of yellow after 400 degree treatment. Here's the results after...

    26 2,454

    Started by Jim_l

  • ceramic burner caps on 200a/202's

    A few of my 202/200a's have ceramic burners in good shape.My first instinct is to clean them up and put them away for when I decide to display these...

    15 2,780

    Started by Rooster

  • 502 Burner Won't Come Off

    I am in the process of FFR'ing a 502 stove. The lower burner plate will not come off. Is there a trick to taking one off that just won't budge? ...

    4 1,108

    Started by FourJ

  • broken check valve

    I'll give the moral of the story first. Use a penetrating oil on check valves before you try to remove them. I recently picked up 5 used 220's from...

    13 1,534

    Started by jayhawk

  • 242 Canadian

    After reading some other posts about 242s I went out to the shed and had a look around for my 242s.The first one I picked up was dated 12/50 and that...

    10 1,245

    Started by Lant_ern

  • Storing Mantles in Bulk. Is It Safe?

    Although the danger of thorium exposure from mantles is practically nil with normal handling and use, it occurred to me that some of us, myself...

    19 1,590

    Started by MartinK

  • 252A Milspec Troubles

    This is my first foray into this model. Having troubles getting it to light. Pressure is good, new gen, fuel up to the bottom of the gen, but only...

    19 2,077

    Started by Steve_Ash

  • Alternate vent refinishing

    Has anyone ever had any luck refinishing a vent in any other than porcelain? Being a do-it-yourself-er and tinkerer, I was just curious if any other...

    11 2,357

    Started by jayhawk

  • Gold Top mantles

    Hello all, new guy here. I have been collecting Coleman for a little over a year now and have really enjoyed all the info here. I have a question...

    18 3,632

    Started by jayhawk

  • Vintage Coleman 200 Lantern Brass Font, Red Vent 3/61

    Is this original? ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT item=370141601156 Jeremy

    14 3,194

    Started by rainjer

  • Need lamp ID

    I acquired this lamp recently and am having trouble identifying it. The logo...

    12 1,475

    Started by kcdarnell58

  • Years 220B 1930-42???????

    Perhaps we can get Terry to chime in here--I'm quite confused. I'm going through the museum and have made it to the 220-220B area. I have a...

    23 5,382

    Started by admin

  • Filler Cap Question

    I have a question that I don't know has already been asked or not. I am wondering when the winged filler cap was replaced with the non winged type. ...

    8 1,514

    Started by Cigar_Mike

  • Mixing chamber

    Hi all. I've finally started to work on my 2nd. BQ lamp. The highly intelligent pre-owner obviously broke the original hex nut and had a replacement...

    14 1,255

    Started by Erwin

  • Green 242C

    I'm working on a 242C that was given to me by my wife's uncle. He has cancer and I'm afraid he's not long for this world. I wasn't getting any fuel...

    10 1,420

    Started by Jim_l

  • Picnic Stove Question

    A relative of mine in California who is an antique dealer picked up one of these and I guess it has the empty LP cans still in it. She asked me if...

    7 1,216

    Started by OregonMichael

  • 243A question

    Hello guys and gals, Merry Christmas to everyone. I haven't posted in awhile but see that everyone is doing well. Nice new BBS forum we have here....

    10 1,403

    Started by mgrest

  • Mil-Spec Question

    I'm in the process of cataloguing and inventorying my collection when I ran across something I thought was unusual. I have a 1969 Coleman Mil- Spec,...

    11 1,289

    Started by SilkliteJon

  • Kerosene; Keeping Water Out

    I keep a good supply of K1 on hand for my Coleman's and wick lanterns. I store it in steel 5 gal. cans in an unheated building. Just the other night...

    18 3,783

    Started by MartinK

  • 413G

    Hello All, Could you please tell me when 413G stove was made? And any particularly interesting features about this stove? I have acquired one like...

    7 1,443

    Started by Rooster

  • Neils 241 with no "G"

    still Having Neils most recent find a 241 on my my mind and i had a thought today , and it apears to check out so far , BUT i may be out on a limb...

    9 1,229

    Started by SteveRetherford

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