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  • Educate me about globe colors

    So I'm going to get a new globe for my 220H, and while looking through the globes at "Old Coleman Parts" I see clear, amber, and red...

    26 4,641

    Started by kc9ljo

  • 242C questions; plated or painted & dates?

    1. What years were plated and what years were painted? 2. Did Coleman ever paint over a plated fount? 3. Was a 2 digit code ever used for the year...

    5 1,694

    Started by Birdman

  • Evapo-Rust

    I picked up my first gallon of Evapo-rust and have to say I've been pleasantly surprised at how well it works. I've run about 3 frames through it...

    14 4,931

    Started by iceiceguy

  • Factory solder joint or repair?

    Picked this up on ebay earlier this month. The top of the fount was dented and I noticed the solder joint for the threaded fitting did not look as...

    5 1,833

    Started by Birdman

  • 425B annoying flame

    How to rid the stove of this flame? Even makes my 275 unhappy.

    7 1,912

    Started by wpnaes


    Stove Tank I think marked Everdur,a very high quality bronze, and it measures 18 inches long and 5 1/2 inches across. I believe this cylinder is...

    13 2,113

    Started by BIGFISH706

  • milspec help... again please

    thanks to some members' help here i got my milspec up an running. however it is a dirty light with alot of overflaming and not very bright. help...

    17 1,835

    Started by hp1506

  • 'Nuther dumb genny question. My forte'.

    Hi guys; I've used the search function for this. Putting "generator" in a search phrase gets you about 200 thousand responses, and after...

    9 1,739

    Started by Deanofid

  • 200a pressure valve

    i am cleaning a 200a 10/62 put the block back on but the pressure valve does't line up with the label its 180 on the other side doeas that really...

    7 1,589

    Started by dawg

  • Vent question

    Is the vent on a 5120 ( picture below ) the same as a 200a700 ?

    7 1,376

    Started by mossberg16g

  • 200A paint.

    I have a 1969 200A that I am thinking about restoring. It works well, but the generator is nearing the end of it's life and I would like to go ahead...

    14 2,628

    Started by hhampo

  • Cleaning aluminum.

    How does one go about cleaning aluminum. I put some aluminum collars in an ammonia bath that I use on brass parts. The aluminum came out discolored....

    8 1,763

    Started by hhampo

  • Canadian 200 - flaming up at burner cap

    Hi everyone. I have a red paint on brass fount 1959 Canadian 200 that I'm working on. When I first starting working on it, I noticed that the fuel...

    4 1,442

    Started by Newfie

  • testimonial for Evapo-rust (Highly recommend)

    I understand this topic has been discussed here before but I feel compelled to confirm the quality of this product. Based on your recommendations on...

    6 1,579

    Started by Dalemo1

  • Remove collar on 220H

    The collar on my 220H does not have a "slit" (see link) to aid in removal. Do I have to remove the valve assembly to get the collar off? ...

    4 1,532

    Started by kc9ljo

  • coleman 275

    First of all I refuse to call the coleman 275 a derogator name. Having said that, I have a questions about the Turd: At what date did Coleman start...

    6 2,160

    Started by kerokid

  • Identification of lantern Would you be able to identify this lantern for me? It does not have a model...

    5 3,043

    Started by cannondc

  • you've got to flood it

    i've been working on a 228 h for my neighbor. did a complete FFR. i soaked the f/a tube in citric and blew it out with compressed air. all...

    24 2,433

    Started by gunchancellor

  • 200A lantern

    Just got a 200A lantern dated 2 60 Can anyone tell me what mantels to use? filller cap says oil on it but I assume it uses coleman camp fuel? Thanks

    8 5,390

    Started by geoff

  • JC Higgins lantern lighting problems

    Hi everyone. I'm having some problems with my JC Higgins lantern. I've had it for a while but until recently I hadn't had a chance to work on it and...

    30 2,768

    Started by Newfie

  • Can a 220 be converted to a 228?

    I've never seen a 228 in person. Can you just take the frame and vent from a 228 and put it on a 220 of the same vintage? I was thinking of turning...

    9 2,036

    Started by bco175

  • Can somebody tell me about this lantern? Need help to ID it

    As you know, I'm brand new here. I just got this lantern from ebay. The seller had no info, other than the photos. It hasn't arrived yet, but in...

    19 2,401

    Started by bco175

  • New pump cup bunches up on old external pump

    I have a couple external pumps, one I think came with my 9C, has a curled up loop on the pump rod. The older one that came with the 9C (I think), I...

    10 1,435

    Started by hikerduane

  • Got a 2 gal water jug - trying to date it

    I scored a 2 gallon Coleman water jug at a thrift store and am trying to date it. It's green metal with a white lower portion and spigot. The...

    9 4,091

    Started by Steve_A

  • humphrey indoor lp gas light from an rv

    Would I use a peerless 111 on this?

    6 1,924

    Started by kc0ded

  • easiest lantern to convert to kerosene?

    I haven't found a 237 in my budget range and I'm considering trying to convert one. Are some models easier to convert? Which ones? Why?

    22 3,249

    Started by bigsig11010

  • 412-262 generator help

    Hi there, I am having problems finding a generator for a 421-D tourist twin burner stove which was made for the Canadian market in the sixties,the...

    6 2,372

    Started by olah123

  • 200a fuel air tube ???

    Does the lower section of the tube supposed to rotate?? Some I have do and some don't if they are not to move, can I solider them? with what type...

    4 1,296

    Started by BIGFISH706

  • Valve packing lubrication

    Likely has been asked before, however, am unable to find any such information so will ask. Is there any type of valve packing lube that you've...

    10 1,923

    Started by jdburke

  • Are the gaskets on one piece fuel caps replaceable?

    I know you can do it on the older 3 piece caps, but can you replace the gasket on the new design one piece cap? I have several laying around that...

    8 1,571

    Started by bco175

  • 242C flare up on lighting

    I have a 242C that I got into running order recently. Every now and then I'll just light it up in the garage if I'm in there messing around. Doesn't...

    18 1,903

    Started by boubay88

  • Kero use lanterns

    Can a 236 be converted to 237 like a 200 to a 201? And in the same theme, what would be the best lantern for kero use/conversion? All opinions,...

    12 1,724

    Started by aephilli

  • How to clean a F/A tube.

    I have a 1995 285 dual fuel. I am not getting proper fuel into the generator. It has this plastic tube pich up. I see there is a schrader valve in...

    4 1,587

    Started by hhampo

  • I need cleaner advice

    I have totally disassembled a lantern and i want to give it a really ggod cleaning. What do you all use for brass, painted metal, etc? I read it on...

    6 1,355

    Started by Werobins

  • 425B Filler Cap

    The filler cap on my 425B has what appears to be a pressure valve and a hole in the side where the threads are located. I have seen these before but...

    8 1,384

    Started by topcat112

  • Kerogas stove?

    Howdy... Anyone know anything 'bout my Kerogas stove: There doesn't seem to be much info out there 'bout 'em. Thanks, Jaybird

    10 1,857

    Started by Scrubjay

  • I need school'n 'bout Coleman table lamps

    So here's my question. Some table lamps have both a glass shade and an inner glass globe. Others just use a shade and bare burners. What is the...

    18 2,088

    Started by OMGB


    I need to paint a sears font 7-69 blue... can someone tell me the paint and the code for this thank you in advance Sam

    7 1,830

    Started by BIGFISH706

  • Help Wuzit

    It measures 8 1/2 one direction and 9 1/2 on the other outsid of the turnd down legs. ...

    8 1,144

    Started by kb5zfa

  • Finicky 220 generators

    Just got done rebuilding a 228, put it back together and had the evil 220 pulse. Like a dummy I first thought it could be the F/A tube since the...

    13 1,514

    Started by hurricaner

  • Odd issue with my 242B

    I have an inherited 242B. It fires up and works just as it's supposed to, but occasionally it will "cut out" for a split second (and I mean...

    5 1,019

    Started by Wyowanderer

  • 508 Packing

    So my 508 is giving me reason to worry about it. The thing was unfired when I got it, and that may be to my detriment. The packing on the regulator...

    5 1,193

    Started by JollyColeman

  • nickel plating

    Hi i am new to this and got the bug since going through Sandy with out power for 2 weeks and using a 220k that is mint but i also have 220 h that...

    13 1,882

    Started by Richcode

  • Noob question - electrolytic cleaning

    Can you electrolytically clean the manifold assembly on a coleman 413G or 426e? Can you use TSP as the electrolyte? Is the metal in the tubing...

    8 1,337

    Started by TiminMem

  • New Coleman Decals application?

    I just received my new decals ordered for a 200A. Have any of you gentlemen applied these? They didn't come with instructions. I'm not sure, but they...

    7 1,677

    Started by Keymasawbe

  • single burner fuel stove which one?

    I'm still working on the 502 I wrecked but I'm looking for another single burner fuel stove. Is there a particular model that is regarded as better...

    23 1,759

    Started by bigsig11010

  • a paint color

    Does anyone remember what rattle can paint someone posted was a good match for the orangier? red used on the older 200A's.I tried the search function...

    6 1,737

    Started by sourgasjohn

  • 275 Goes dim

    I have a 275 (1980) that has always worked flawlessly. Recently decided to fire it up. It light as easy as ever but after a few minutes of running it...

    9 936

    Started by Frank6160

  • agm info

    anybody know anything about an agm ready lite lantern with external pump, 427 like?also what generator will work on it.found one thats missing...

    11 833

    Started by slaytanicmetal76


    Am in the process of restoring (2) 220E's . Has anyone used Rustoleum Rust Reformer on their rusted areas on founts? I have had great success this...

    7 2,933

    Started by OldColemanMan

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