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  • Coleman 418

    Howdy, folks! I was given a Coleman 418 several years ago by a friend. He'd bought it at a yard sale, and it didn't work, so it ended up in my...

    31 1,219

    Started by BigIron2312

  • Newbie greetings and Optimus stove question

    Hi all, new to the site and I am glad I've found you! It all started a year ago when I was follwed home by a 1962 red 200A. I was in remission until...

    8 46

    Started by Skydivedave

  • Quick Lite Advice

    Super excited, bought a 1925 Quick Lite Lantern. I want to restore it, but have never had one this old. I have a bunch of questions. Was going to...

    4 51

    Started by Berkleydog

  • ivory 500 question.

    what is the correct color for the grate, base and burner for these, i see some are silver and others are black.

    13 189

    Started by scl

  • Cannot get my 502 stove from 1980 to work

    I purchased a great looking 502 from 1980. Cosmetically pristine, not even a paint loss at the bottom rim of the fuel tank, no rust inside it, all...

    9 156

    Started by Let there be 502

  • Packing a BIG GPA

    I picked this up recently: And sold it. Not locally, of course, as nothing is local around here. So I have to ship it. The tank is 29"...

    18 245

    Started by Gunhippie

  • AGM 278 clocking, and cleaner rod clocking

    I'm finally making a little progress on my 278. I THINK I have the valve clocked right. But I can't find any good pic's of where the cleaner...

    13 53

    Started by Quick Cal

  • 6620 mixing chamber - threads

    Received this today to try and make my "CZ' 220C as accurate as rationally possible. "The Book" says mixing chamber is 6620 if cast. ...

    18 128

    Started by mgmlvks

  • 635/639

    Are the burner frames the same for a 635 and a 639?

    3 80

    Started by kw12330

  • Thermos lanterns

    I came across a Thermos lantern branded for Tru-Value. It's been a while since I had a Thermos but this one seems smaller than what I remember. Did...

    8 67

    Started by Nomo reoil

  • New Member, recent purchases, and a stove question

    Hello all, new member here, and first post. Last weekend, while browsing a local antique/junk store, I came across a couple of 5114 propane...

    11 137

    Started by astrowolf67

  • QL valve stem packing - solved

    Need to replace the packing on my QL 327. It's gotten very tight and "gummy". I don't think just adding teflon cord to it will address...

    14 70

    Started by ecblanks

  • 236 Valve Stem questions

    I am in need of a 236 valve stem with the splined end. My research project question is, is the 237 valve stem itself the same thing? And for that...

    5 96

    Started by dbosch

  • 508 A

    Won't light, but fuel dribbles out of generator area and runs down over font. That will light, unfortunately. Fuel won't disperse upward to burner...

    5 62

    Started by Burntfingers

  • Stove ID help

    My father in law acquired this collapsible portable single burner unit, we aren’t sure what the make and model are. I’m appealing to the stovie...

    5 77

    Started by LanternWerks74

  • Kamp kook LCS21

    Does anyone have operating instructions or manual for a kampkook LCS 21 ? And it looks like I could use a new plunger for the pump if there is a...

    6 63

    Started by Dosk

  • model 228F info

    I have a couple questions about a Coleman model 228F lantern I picked up: Whats the approx age? Will the standard #21 mantles work? It lights fine...

    8 151

    Started by Dantenbusch

  • Aladdin PL-1 stuck NRV

    I was lucky enough to get a PL-1 that is completely intact including the match holder. I am trying to get it to at least pump up but the NRV is...

    27 151

    Started by logcruiser

  • Fettling a 327

    I'm in the process of fettling a QL327. The fount is pretty clean inside. Much better than some others I've worked on. I have one concern. There is a...

    2 63

    Started by bc89801

  • Will changing burner size increase BTU of that burner?

    Hi All, The discussion about the 420 having a weak 3rd burner in another thread got me wondering if changing the burner size will increase BTU or...

    2 91

    Started by UtahColemanUser

  • Can you rebuild an AGM generator

    The po really butchered my 278. And I didn't do it any favors,,,lol. He started to rip the packing out of the main tube and out of the lever. Well...

    15 146

    Started by Quick Cal

  • Wickie Leaks!

    Hi I have a old Dietz Monarch lantern that has a leak and heard you can seal the inside font with varnish? Any wickie members who could help me out?...

    13 136

    Started by atomicbee

  • How to enable personal messages

    I want to make sure that I can receive personal messages. I went into my Account Settings, then Preferences. At the bottom there's a ball that can be...

    2 29

    Started by stoves1234

  • Leisure Line Camp Stove regulator

    Hello, I recently purchased a Coleman Leisure Line propane double burner camp stove (made in 1991 I believe) and unfortunately the regulator was...

    3 48

    Started by Troyz

  • 500 stove size question

    Can someone with a 500 please tell me if a box 8" high x 9" x 7" could house a this stove? I had a 500, but had to sell it to finance...

    3 65

    Started by UtahColemanUser

  • 413E stove will not stay lit

    I rebuilt the stove as per the web site instructions. While the stove looked pretty bad, the brass parts all look pretty good. I replaced the...

    13 112

    Started by coaster1971

  • Stove keeps burning for 2 minutes after shutoff

    I recently overhauled a coleman stove that I'm guessing is mid sixties. I took it on a camping trip to Zion NP, and it worked great, save for one...

    16 209

    Started by RustFest

  • Using Mother's to clean globes

    I have an etched, original globe on a 228B that has some kind of tough dirt on it. Brake cleaner usually cleans up my globes but doesn't touch this...

    15 223

    Started by stoves1234

  • Pics added---660 bulge globe required on Empire 237?

    Picked up a Empire 237 yesterday, a situation where almost didn't stop, almost didn't take a second look, almost didn't ask if they had anything...

    17 185

    Started by hikerduane

  • Do Kamplite lanterns stress crack

    I was just cleaning on my Kamplite LRL-2 when my jaw dropped. Oh no. Is this a stress crack. It does not go all the way down to the crimp. And it's...

    22 180

    Started by Quick Cal

  • Bent FA tube pin?

    Hi Trying to get a 200a going and I think the pin inside the FA tube in not 100% straight because it burping fuel and air and flaming in and out. New...

    10 65

    Started by atomicbee

  • 220D generator question

    Took apart a 220D for cleanup, it’s all back together except I can’t get the generator back in. It’s like the hole in the tube is too small for...

    11 114

    Started by Fj40z

  • Us military lantern

    hi guys, I have just got my hands on a 1945 US stamped military coleman lantern and I was wondering what the original globe would be on this. Mine is...

    32 409

    Started by Mcormier24

  • Single burner butane/propane stoves

    I have a green and pink, and aluminum one's come up often enough. But did Coleman also make one in yellow? Thanks

    4 37

    Started by Nomo reoil

  • MEK and graphite seals

    Will MEK damage graphite seals?

    2 49

    Started by TwoCanoes

  • 1923 QL327 baffle plate and vent question

    I have seen 1923 QL327s with both a flat baffle plate and a down turned baffle plate. I have also seen them with plain and marked ventilators. They...

    2 68

    Started by bc89801

  • Svea 123 wick

    A couple of friends each gave me their old Svea 123. The burner end of the wick on each of these stoves is wrapped in a mesh screen. None of the...

    11 127

    Started by TwoCanoes

  • Source for individual screws, square nuts?

    Is there a source for small quantities of small screws and square nuts? Trying to upgrade the ones on my hot plate, would use what I have, but one...

    28 236

    Started by hikerduane

  • Solus stove flame out

    Hey good people My Canadian Coleman Solus Stove is acting a bit strange. It has the roarer type burner.After running for 15/20 minutes, 1/4 of the...

    8 63

    Started by Willy

  • Pinholes in the fount...just a reminder to those that are new(er) to this

    Hello. I consider myself fairly new at taking lanterns and stoves apart. I have done maybe 20.It's always a good idea to check the fount for leaks...

    12 308

    Started by pongo

  • 220B question

    I picked up a 220B recently, I believe it's a 1937. Cotter pin bail. Straight line globe. Folded seam collar. Both US and British patents on air...

    5 119

    Started by Flyboyfwa

  • Turd emblem repair

    My buddy was doing some spring cleaning and gave me a Model 275 that had been gathering dust in his garage for years. When I got it home I saw that...

    5 141

    Started by stoves1234

  • Thread sealers?

    Howdy y'all! What kind of thread sealers do y'all use? I'm working on an Akron 134G and when I get the valve assembly tight enough, it's sitting...

    35 508

    Started by Scrubjay

  • old Coleman lanterns and lead paint

    Has anyone tested the paint used on the older Coleman lanterns, whether it contains lead or not? Just a concern when repainting old founts and...

    10 176

    Started by maddawg308

  • FIXED IT 1982 SMP 252 Burner

    I keep having the mantle drop off of the burner on my Mil Spec no matter what kind of mantle I use. I've used string tie, metal twist and even twist...

    8 95

    Started by fuel brained

  • Coleman 242/243 series fuel cap

    Hello, Just wondering if there is a difference between a 242 series fuel cap and a 243 series fuel cap? Are they identical/interchangeable? I have...

    4 68

    Started by Coast to Coast

  • Rivets

    My 425F (corrected) stove has a bent hinge. I’m interested in drilling out the rivets, and replacing or upgrading the aluminum hinge. Has anyone...

    8 127

    Started by LanternWerks74

  • 1977 Armstrong Mil Spec Lantern Help

    Hey guys, Have an Armstrong Mil Spec that has been passed down from my dad. It is in great condition, but i can't get it to run. It appears to not...

    5 63

    Started by Chris123

  • 431 Stove leaking from tank to valve joint

    Glad to find this forum! Picked up a seemingly unused 431 Coleman stove but there appears to be a leak where the valve T joint meets the fuel tank...

    9 97

    Started by east3rd

  • 502 Burner Assembly Issue

    I started my refurbishment of a 1966 502 i recently purchased. And one great thing happened. The burner assembly was very easy to unscrew! ...

    21 171

    Started by Phredd

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