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Gaseous Maximus
Registered: 11/18/10
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     Here is my Vapalux M320 I bought from dday (Dan) at the ICCC Convention back in June.  I do not know when it was made, but it is a military model.  When I first tried lighting it months ago, I realized it needed a new seal or two, and our forum member Michael0512 in Ireland graciously sent me a box of goodies which included a set of seals, extra vaporizer (generator), pump leather, and a whole bunch of mantles.  He wouldn't accept a dime for all of that!  This is not to mention his numerous PMs to me with advice, and answering my questions. 


Nice brass parts on these:

This is not a valve, only the tip cleaner-these have no positive shut-off:

The air tubes are all within the vent; these brass buttons are where air is drawn into the tubes:

Here are the details of the inside of the vent, which contains the air tubes, mixing chamber, and entire burner assembly.  The picture below shows the burner holes surrounding the tube into which the vaporizer/generator goes.  The arrows show where the double-ended mantle is tied, top & bottom, and the three air tubes, looking like spokes of a wheel, can be seen.

Here, a new mantle has been installed; the "M" is the mixing dome (chamber or manifold).  Interesting and quite nifty, how all this is incorporated into the vent.  The "buttons" on the outside of the vent remove easily, and the entire burner assembly, air tubes, etc. can be removed in short order.

Here are the money shots!

For those of you wondering why there is no valve, this lantern is lit a bit differently from Coleman kero models.  On the fuel cap, you'll notice a smaller cap; this is an "air release screw".  This is loosened, and the preheater cup is filled and lit (with no pressure in the fount.)  When the preheat is nearly finished, the air release screw is closed and about a dozen pumps are put into the fount.  In another minute or two, another twenty or so pumps are added.  The knob operates the tip cleaner, as needed, and to turn the lantern off, the air release screw is loosened.  I hope you enjoyed this Vapalux tutorial.
A big THANK YOU to dday(Dan) for selling me this fine piece, and I am in debt to Michael0512 for all your help, parts, and kindness!

ICC #1012       


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Lantern Rescuer
Mantle Destroyer

Registered: 06/30/12
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Nice lantern!
yes the foreigners are odd ducks, as I have found with my petromax.

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500 Posts!

Registered: 04/03/12
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Cool lantern! I like my Tilley X246, it's so easy to take apart and put back together.

500 Posts!

Registered: 08/31/12
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That's Nice!!!  


The Colemaniac
Registered: 12/31/10
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that is a beauty Steve very nice work
thanks, Jerry
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Turn and Burn
Registered: 03/13/12
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That is a real beauty, is this the one you (or someone?) were referring to, in some other posts, about being contrary, etc?
---Randall----ICCC member #1143---

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Globe Hunter
Registered: 02/11/11
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That's a beauty! I've always liked their styling. Really nice cleanup and great photos. Thanks for sharing.
I'm not going to be visiting the forum so if you need to get a hold of me use the email link.

Take care,

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It's not rocket
science, it's nuclear!

Registered: 04/12/12
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Crap. Another one for the want list. You did a really nice job on that once. Looks great!

Officially too much crap for this space.

Looking for (Cdn where possible): 3-2006, 11-2007, 11-73 (Something nickel)
5-79 ( Something pretty for my wife ), 2-47, 10-48.

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Registered: 03/05/11
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Thank you Steve for posting your Vapalux and the great tutorial too. A very nice piece!
Best Regards - Chris W. Winnipeg, Manitoba

Senior Member
Registered: 04/01/12
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Great clean up on that one! This lantern is really nice, has a modern way of good looks!   /Conny

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The ColeMan
Registered: 12/15/08
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Hi Steve.
Great clean-up and excellent description.
Should I ever own a Vapalux I know where to check for instructions.

My homepage: http://www.eschaefer.de
Pls. see navigation on HP for Collectors Maps.

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Super Poster
Registered: 12/25/09
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That is a Beauty Steve, nice work . Now can I buy it back . I have another M320 that I burn often and love it. Not too bright and not too dim, but just right.  Keep up the good work and have fun!!!

ICCC #1053

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Registered: 10/02/11
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Looking good Steve....lots of shine ....they do like a Kero CF mix 70/30%....helps to keep the gen in order!..


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500 Posts!

Registered: 11/23/11
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I see that you've been very busy Steve! Your Vap sure came out great. I restored an old Tilley (Thanks to help from Malcolm) which shares the same design as your Vap. Its a large departure from the Coleman's that we are all used to burning.
Thanks, Keith

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