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I have a 1999 Dual Fuel. When I shut off the fuel so it will stop it seems to take forever. Minutes I mean. Not a minute, maybe three? What could this mean?

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Hey Keith,

I'm certainly no expert, but I'll try to help.  I have a Peak 1 lantern that won't go out completely because the o-ring in the valve that controls shut off has deteriorated.  When its turned off, the more air I pump in the more I can hear the pressure leak--especially with the generator removed.

Have you pumped your lantern until its fully pressurized and listened closely for any leakage before lighting it?

Is the lantern you're referring to a 295-700T?

BTW--nice touring bike.


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While the Model number might help, Being that late and dual fuel you can bet it has a schrader valve in it. The early designs gave it a bad rap. (275) But in general the later ones seem to work fairly well. Although it sounds like yours MAY need a new one. I have Zero experiance changing one as I only own two that has it and they both work like they did when new. But if memory serves right you can buy the whole pickup assy cheap or replace just the schrader with a PROPER fuel resistant one from an auto parts store. Fuel injection test ports often use a shrader that will work.

Wait for someone who has experiance to better help you find the correct part. You might also want to (1) empty the fount (2) dissasemble lantern down to the fount. (3) pump it up tight (4) remove pump as well (5) dunk the pressurized fount underwater. (6) look for bubbles at this point your main concern is where the generator attaches, but check the pump check valve, the fuel cap and fount while its in there.

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Thanks everyone. I have the 295.

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I think you're ok.  The culprit is the larger generator found on the 295 to burn unleaded.  When it's turned off, it takes awhile to burn off the fuel that is in the generator, upstream of the valve.  My Northstar is just like that.  Does the lantern leak fuel when it's pressurized and sitting?  To test, remove the generator, fill the fount and pressurize the fount.  If the Schrader leaks, you'll see the fuel rise out of the valve.

Replacing the Schrader valve is a cinch.  Remove the valve and unscrew the fuel pickup from the valve.  Using the same type of tool used to remove Schrader valves from tire stems, unscrew the fuel Schrader out of the plastic pickup.  Most of the times when this is leaking, it's a piece of garbage stuck in the seal.

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