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Coleman Wichita Kansas
Model IL , NL , GS torch lite
Model QL, LZ, YLQ, ML211
through Quicklite model Lantern fuel valve wheel identification in chronological order.

Please remember you cannot date a lantern only by this particular detail as these were so easily changed when packing went to leaking or from damage and the like. Just as globes when they got damaged and vent nuts got replaced when dropped and lost. Also inventory bleed over or shortages need to be considered. The images below progress through the Quicklite models. My research indicates these changed alphabetically annually.

First image is earliest rounded type with 3/8 glandnut with no stop. ( these can be dangerous) the 7/16 glandnut usually indicates having a stop.
Some may be square or straight edge without any stamp with 3/8 glandnut with no stop. These mentioned above had steel stem shaft.

Second image is months later with totally blank of any stamping. Having square or straight edges 7/16 glandnut these have a stop and most had steel stem shaft.

Third image is stamped with
" CLOSE and arrow only "
I think these date in
ca.1920-1921. Valve shafts were transitioning from early steel to later brass on these.

Forth image has an A stamp. Indicating 1922 era.
B : 1923
C : 1924
D : 1925
E : 1926
F : 1927
G : 1928 was a transitional year for the Bakelite knob with 7/16 inch glandnut.
The last image is the 1/2 inch glandnut and fitting base rest that was used from mid 30s through early 1940 the end of US Quicklite production. 

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