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Registered: 09/30/13
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I own a 1964 Coleman #64C40 tent trailer that I pull with a 1964 Corvair. I'm looking for any information that relates to the trailer, history, pictures, manufacture, contacts
As soon as I can figure out how to post pictures I will. Thx

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Very nice combo...    I don't know much about old Coleman trailers and am awaiting the pictures.  I pull a 1962 Apache Chief and a 1973 Apache Mesa with my 76 Wagoneer..   Welcome to the forum.


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The person you need to talk to is Jerry Engbring.  He has been a Coleman dealer forever.  PM me and I will put you in contact.


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Pictures!!  Trailer AND car.


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Reply with quote  #5 is a great resource and a lot of nice folks too and not just popups.. all kinds of tent trailers.  My 77 Coleman Popup is what got me started collecting Lanterns.

Here is mine.

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For many years Coleman was the stand alone symbol of quality in pop ups.  For years I wanted one.. I just couldn't afford it.. I now have a '93 Jayco Eagle 10. I did a lot of repair and rebuild on it to make it almost like new. It is very nice, but, it Will never be a Coleman. No All metal construction.  No one piece door. No tip down galley. No stepper door.  On the good side, I have it. It's Mine.

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