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I'm with Jules! Go away for Christmas and whamo!

Congrats Mike! Prayers headed your way.

Lloyd & Suzanne

One must always take the high road - all other roads are dead ends.


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Congratulations on your second retirement, maybe this one will stick!

Congratulations to you too and I so glad that one of our own is at the helm.  Your generosity to me in the past will certainly be given in return when you get up and running.  I relied on Bob quite a bit in the beginning, and I am sure I will be leaning on you from time to time as well.


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Bob- Thank you so much for all you have done for this hobby. Your passion for Coleman has offered many of us a great hobby and treasured friendships. Enjoy your retirement!

Mike- I have full confidence you will do great with your new endeavor. Hopefully there is comfort knowing we all want you to be as successful as you do. Carry the torch passed to you high! I look forward to my first order under the new ownership. Take care- John "Kato"

John B. aka "Kato"
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