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Feeding The Addiction
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A few months ago I looked at a Coleman 395 Hot Plate at a Swap Meet, when I asked about it the lady told me $500.00! At the end of the day the man told be $150.00. A week ago I seen it again at an antique show, marked $125.00. I was still ticked they played pricing games on me but I wanted it. I watched it all day and approched them a couple hours before they were to start packing up and offered $80.00 for it and he sold it to me. No dents, paint is chipped but will make a nice restore project this winter. This is the one I wanted! Glad to have it. I also bought a bunch of lanterns for cheap, need to take pictures of them yet...From memory a Mil Spec and a Pocket stove for $20/pair, (2-200A's, 1-242B, 1-242C, and an AGM?? for $27.00) maybe more, can't remember...

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great find Glenn, its good that you waited, saved some big $$$$$

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Nice find. That will be a fun project.

I'm always on the lookout for something like that but so far, haven't seen anything. Well, I have been seeing an Optmus two burner white enameled or porcelain kero stove for $100 all summer at this certain flea market. The guy won't budge on the price either.

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Day Late and
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Stole mine for $10.00 about a year or so ago.

Tried to post a clickable thumbnail from photobucket but it wouldn't work. Anyone else having trouble with it?

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