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  • Teardrop hardware

    Well I went on the bay and looked at the Shasta type door handles and hurricane hinge that V!!!!k was offering as Bluestar suggested....the price...

    8 1,727

    Started by Ron

  • Bacon Dogs

    have always been a favorite of mine wether at home on the BBQ or for camping too . super simple , wrap a strip of bacon around your dog . starting at...

    15 1,532

    Started by SteveRetherford

  • Non-stick griddle

    Got this Coleman griddle and a 431G for $5 and decided to try it out. Worked very well...but to get the eggs off I had to place the edge of the plate...

    5 1,171

    Started by flieger


    Well yesterday went fairly well and I think i'm finally getting there!...Now that the cupboards are securely in place.....I got the rear galley hatch...

    10 1,529

    Started by Ron

  • 30th Annual Canoe Trip

    edited 1/31/2012 to provide new link The link below is a slideshow of 41 pictures taken during a recent trip to Cranberry Lake in the Adirondack's. ...

    10 1,238

    Started by adkbill

  • A quick easy camping recipe

    Me and my brother fixed this on our camping trip this weekend,chicken and rice tacos.Some may like it i dont know. Ingredients 1 package of your...

    1 1,069

    Started by ccrain

  • DIY Redneck Air Conditioner

    Well, it's been over a month of 100 degree plus days in Texas. My yard is dead. The old pine trees are dying and there is not relief in sight! Time...

    14 10,181

    Started by JimE2

  • TEARDROP UPDATE! Making the galley

    Here are a few most pics Just to give my arms a break and have a bit of fun I decided to make the galley/kitchen cupboards just for a change of pace...

    12 1,149

    Started by Ron

  • Teardrop Trailer transformation!

    Well after viewing the site 200APPLES supplied me with, I decided to try to transform my "new old utility trailer" the neighbor gave me...

    10 1,807

    Started by Ron

  • Cincinnati Chili: As eaten at the Great Lakes Camp out

    Here is the recipe for the Cincinnati Chili sauce that I've brought to the Great Lakes camp out two years in a row. Its something you can freeze and...

    1 974

    Started by mcdugal2

  • Coleman VERSA trailer

    picked this up today, at a scrap/resale/junque store......sitting in the back and spotted the COLEMAN on the back....ruff shape put for 25 bucks., i...

    1 3,145

    Started by Assassin

  • garage sale tent

    just scored a 7 person bayside tent for $30.00 will submit pics tonight, talked the wife into going camping tonight and freeze our buts off. sad to...

    9 1,272

    Started by westernkansas


    This may have been done before but everyone post your favorite Coleman recipe using your Coleman equipment. Please include measurements. I know I...

    4 1,458

    Started by mowerdave694

  • Be A Hero Meatballs

    Football Season Fast Approacheth! So, you are either invited over and must bring something or you are the inviter and must provide eats. These...

    15 1,675

    Started by red_metallic

  • Boiled peanuts and blackened fish

    I boiled two sacks of peanuts today. (30-35Lbs/sack) I was still boiling the second sack after dark, when I decided to cook some blackened fish. The...

    13 1,582

    Started by BigLew

  • My new old trailer

    Neighbour gave me this cause he owed me a few bucks! Heavy duty little sucker with 3/16" steel plate for the bed, with car leaf springs....and...

    18 2,713

    Started by Ron

  • cast iron kettle ?

    i have picked up a wagner cast iron Kettle just cuz i thought it looked cool , i cleaned it up a bit and boiled some water in on the kitchen stove ....

    13 1,693

    Started by SteveRetherford

  • Practice Cooking on the Optimus

    I got a new to me Optimus 111B and I've been boiling water with it but tonight I decided to try cooking an actual dish on it. I cooked a simple...

    5 1,340

    Started by RR_RES

  • Cast Iron Baking Pans

    I have seen several cast iron baking pans with various shapes (fish, corn stalks, stars etc.). I have not found any recipes that call for such a...

    6 1,412

    Started by wnaber

  • DIY Flowerpot Cooler

    Hey guys! Just wanted to post a little tidbit about keeping your 'beverages' cool during this hot, dry heat wave we are having here in Texas. ...

    5 1,619

    Started by JimE2

  • Home canning?

    I've been getting interested in home canning over the last few weeks. I had never done it before. Normally, I just put up my garden vegetables by...

    33 2,222

    Started by BigLew

  • Pizza Soufle on Cyclops

    Decided to try a small pizza on the modified 425E. Anchovies and Kalamata olives, a true classic. Made dough in the breadmaker and cut off a small...

    6 1,066

    Started by flieger

  • make your own mre

    Most MRE's are anywhere from 7-9 bucks these days. They are getting kind of high for what you get, if you ask me. You can make your own from stuff on...

    7 1,528

    Started by jayhawk

  • Hatchet sheath

    Found my old "Walters" camping hatchet today that i've had for about 50yrs....thought it was long gone! Still remember buying it and...

    3 1,765

    Started by Ron

  • Help me choose a tent!

    Well, my old tents are toast. Time for a new one. I really want a US made one, just to support the US worker, if nothing else. I also think the US...

    33 2,828

    Started by JimE2

  • Scary campfire stories...Let's hear them!

    I'm going to be taking the kids camping soon, and my old scary campfire stories are pretty lame, usually the same old rehash of kids disappearing...

    13 2,989

    Started by JimE2

  • DIY - Bucksaw

    Well, I saw a YouTube video on a folding buck saw. Found a guy online that sold them, but realized they were pretty easy to make. So I did. Went...

    8 2,421

    Started by JimE2

  • Jimbo-lya

    This simple easy and fast meal is filling and tasty, and is meant to be a fast cook. Even the kids like it! All you need are: Dirty...

    0 827

    Started by JimE2

  • Old School Beefy Mac

    Hey guys! Just wanted to pass on another favorite around my house, Old School BeefyMac. Made similar to how it use to taste when I...

    7 1,091

    Started by JimE2

  • Best backpacks?

    Just wondering what is your ideas of a good proper pack? For me, it's a USGI surplus ALICE medium size pack with frame. Frame makes it strong and...

    7 1,430

    Started by JimE2

  • Canteens... an observation

    I'm a fan of USGI canteens. The older ones, . No, I'm talking about those old OD green plastic kidney shaped bottles. They are one quart in size,...

    5 3,204

    Started by JimE2

  • DIY- backpack stoves

    Hey guys! I decided to try my hand at making some compact lightweight backpacking stoves. Yea, I know it's not Coleman, but sometimes an alternate...

    11 2,386

    Started by JimE2

  • Making stuff at the campsite.

    Hey guys, I was thinking, what sort of stuff have you made, while sitting around the campsite? Off hand, here is a list of items made, while sitting...

    15 1,619

    Started by JimE2

  • Of Mice And Men

    Man has been at war with mice since Noah's ark landed high and dry and the little buggers were let out. And if you own a camper trailer or a summer...

    11 1,489

    Started by MartinK

  • No Time to wait Chili [East Texas style]

    "Not much time to cook' Chili This is a favorite around our house, we add cheese, ketchup and elbow macaroni noodles to...

    4 1,081

    Started by JimE2

  • 4th at my dad's... Jalepeno/cheese brats on top, "lobster" chicken and...

    8 972

    Started by bullof7battles

  • Folding shovels... an observation

    Hey guys! Just thought I'd post an op-ed piece regarding camping gear, this time, the camp shovel. I have collected 'army' shovels ever since my...

    6 2,168

    Started by JimE2

  • 4th of July dinner

    I put a pork butt and a brisket on the smoker at 10:00 last night pork butt ...

    7 1,104

    Started by Mel

  • Repelling Skeeters With Cotton Rope

    Years ago a buddy and I frequented the Deer Creek, Illinois bottom lands, camping out on the banks of a small lake as a yearly event. It was a really...

    7 1,385

    Started by MartinK

  • Fajitas, Camping style.

    I made up this recipe the first time Evinrude and I first went camping. Since it is hard to keep raw chicken safely cold, I just used canned...

    3 1,063

    Started by Sandrion

  • Thanks for the new forum !

    Maybe it will be popular.

    12 1,274

    Started by BigLew

  • Anyone have a chuck box they wanna show off?

    I'm thinking about building a couple of chuck boxes this summer. I've got all my cooking junk in Sterilite containers and it's getting old fast. I...

    13 11,215

    Started by ejbasnett

  • cornbread

    hi made some cornbread in a cast iron skillet last year at "birdcamp" first time doing it on a coleman stove. it was good my question...

    3 1,001

    Started by 3rdgenuser

  • BBQ Seasoning

    Ok, I will admit that I borrowed the first 3 ingredients from a cookbook, but I thought it needed more... 1 1/2 cups paprika 3/4 cups sugar 3...

    12 1,343

    Started by bullof7battles

  • Lobster Style Chicken

    Debone and skin as many chicken breasts as you need. Marinate them in a sealable container for as least one day (two is better). The marinate...

    4 1,136

    Started by brucesheehe

  • U D S

    has anyone built a Ugly Drum Smoker yet???? i got a 55 drum, drilled it , installed the three 3/4" vents for the bottom, and did a burn out,...

    8 1,556

    Started by Assassin

  • What is the secret to making great biscuits?

    What is the secret to making great biscuits? Mine have been very mediocre. And I want to use my Coleman oven this weekend. Put out your best recipe...

    13 1,671

    Started by Nevada_Ed

  • Making do w/ what ya got. (Improvising while camping)

    Well, since we have this new forum, why not share some of our camping improvisations? I'm sure I'm not the only one who has forgotten something or...

    6 1,404

    Started by BigLew

  • Pot cleaning tip

    When using pots (other than cast iron) over an open fire, rub a bit of liquid dish soap over the bottom half of the pot's exterior BEFORE cooking...

    4 1,127

    Started by LakeGeorge

  • food picture

    well the Taco post made me hungry, here is a plate I made last summer camping. Sweet and sour pork ribs with all the fixings. The bread came out of a...

    4 1,011

    Started by dkehoe

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