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The 242 and 242A.

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Camp sleeping mpetey 428 42
by snwcmpr
Cooler sale nt40lanman 1,150 12
by Mister Wilson
USMC Tent joemiller1059 860 21
by Gunny Mike
What makes tents leak? 302w 212 20
by 302w
Laurentides QC adelcoro 58 1
by Wirefox
Coleman Japan Online Catalogue PetroMax 807 5
by Sharky
A good morning on the lake-fishing Northman49 241 12
by Wader
Stuffed tomatoes 1hpycmpr 68 5
by BSAGuy
Trail Days in Damascus, VA. Anybody (besides me) Ever Been?? BSAGuy 68 4
by Bill
How many stoves do you bring camping?
1 2
mpetey 562 51
by anlrolfe
Camping Show Downunder. - Pic Heavy. Guff 264 19
by Guff
How many lanters do you bring? Gunny Mike 296 21
by LakeGeorge
It's Morel mushroom season in MN Willy 182 9
by flameout
what is your preferred method for brewing camp coffee?
1 2 3
MikeW86 2,737 129
by UncleBob
Who Can School Me on Vintage Coleman Coffee Pots? Hansmafia 609 29
by Dmacp
What's your favorite wool blanket? LakeGeorge 1,025 46
by Legs
Coleman 9-Cup Aluminum Coffee Percolator 810-709T barefooter175 228 3
by oldjoe1
Best $5 bucks spent vineguy 416 11
by Guff
Tent waterproof coating becoming sticky Petromark 409 22
by Oldbiker
Cooler bargain LakeGeorge 106 1
by BSAGuy
What Tips and Tricks do you know?
1 2 3 4 5
cyber 6,847 203
by outlawmws
My Vintage Camper, let's see yours
1 2
Phat_Daddy35 3,841 87
by mpetey
Anyone do dispersed camping in state forests? minnesota 568 8
by outlawmws
Bacon like this....NOOOOO Northman49 1,029 22
by lamplighter44
Need some camping advice...
1 2
DebCamps 811 65
by Mel
The opposite of a Coleman lantern LakeGeorge 599 16
made my first cup of coffee joseph25 2,084 34
by mpetey
Red Copper Pans namsag 695 17
by namsag
Tent stakes for sand/loose soil? Comfy mattress for car camping? hikerduane 402 31
by hikerduane
Camper van Sink DIY? ColeMAN 197 11
by Uncleduddley
UL bpers, whats your tent with dog? hikerduane 305 15
by hikerduane
New part time digs! arryk 422 7
by cjr
Coleman Kitchen, Folding w/sink. GCinSC 429 12
by Stinger381
Kettle grill pizza oven kit? BigLew 465 15
by LakeGeorge
Probably the last night out in the snow this season minnesota 286 12
by Mike
Corned beef burgers egroscup 332 10
by Mike
Last Night's Grill Thrill and a 242C on Kero. BigLew 499 7
by BigLew
228F to the rescue. Even after DST I still have to grill after dark. BigLew 127 1
by BSAGuy
Wood Camp Stove, Who made it? GCinSC 502 9
by JohnnyMac
What is your oldest piece of camping gear? outlawmws 1,133 44
by chrisnjenn
Piqua Favorite Cast Iron Skillet Cleaned goamules 387 27
by LakeGeorge
Now this is a knife... Northman49 879 22
by AngryDaddyBird
Coffee Can Chicken
1 2
jacobsdad 17,780 84
by Scouterjan
My Drive About, Far North Downunder. Guff 575 37
by Guff
Fried Green Tomatoes on a 502 BigLew 620 7
by dave
Wilderness camping with my Colemans ticonderoga 1,716 24
by LakeGeorge
Stupid teacher . . . (me) JimG 866 8
by JMull
Open Country discontinuing all camping cookware? Conrad_J 1,105 12
by anlrolfe
Doughnuts?? Bluegill 660 9
by Gasman64
South Dakota Badlands NP and BlackHills NF huachuca 824 22
by Danno53
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