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Lantern & Stove Technical Assistance Information Murff 10,150 1
by Nevada_Ed
Inherent Dangers of the Coleman 501 Stove Murff 15,586 0
by Murff
Generator Lists! Murff 11,350 0
by Murff
PROJECT MILSPEC 2018 Edition curlyjoe_99 1,154 0
by curlyjoe_99
Fiber Valve Wheel Identification Guide coleman54 536 0
by coleman54
More salvaging the unsalvageable--complete Q99 rebuild Christopher_OR 2,032 12
by Kevin
How to use Google to search The Coleman Collectors Forum (or any other site) in addition to using the site Search Tab HardCharger 792 0
by HardCharger
Salvaging a generator Nevada_Ed 34,007 1
by Nevada_Ed
Field Guide to old unmarked, repainted, or rusty U.S. stoves StanDahl 636 0
by StanDahl
Aluminum Stoves Models 442, 442A, and 443 1hpycmpr 5,892 2
by warren
Project 288 Rebuild (Also covers 282, 285, 286, 290 & 295) Murff 28,480 6
by Northman49
Making a new pricker Deanofid 11,808 24
by Deanofid
Fettling a Optimus 80 johneliot 3,946 10
by Chucker
Valve & F/A Tube Diagrams for Lantern and Stove curlyjoe_99 1,855 13
by JimL
R55: Servicing the Unserviceable manul 5,011 23
by Bob1774
275 fount to fit 200a valve, no muss, no fuss. Deanofid 4,587 34
by Fuzzy
Changing hose on the Apex ii stove dsk 1,756 3
by Chucker
Old style vent repair. Nevada_Ed 2,466 0
by Nevada_Ed
Lamp Model Identification Chart Murff 2,681 0
by Murff
Coleman Fuel Cans Updated!! Post #5 7/10/14 Murff 7,779 20
by ldahotim
Early 200A Vent Differences Murff 2,288 0
by Murff
Fire extinguisher thread hikerduane 3,769 42
by Bob1774
CO--Carbon MONoxide and Coleman lanterns
1 2
Deanofid 10,451 54
by magikbus
Thermos Lantern Dates warren 7,302 0
by warren
How To Replace Thermos/Kamplite Inverted F/A Tube using Coleman Parts avj7209 2,963 3
by avj7209
Replacing funnel filter felt Deanofid 6,130 8
by SteveRetherford
220/228F cut-a-ways nfadude 6,352 0
by nfadude
Replacing One-Piece-Cap Gasket (easy how to) Deanofid 4,367 10
by curtludwig
How-to make a preheat cup parris001 3,905 1
by Erwin
How to post photos from Photobucket StanDahl 11,155 0
by StanDahl
288/285 Spark igniter instalation BigLew 9,273 0
by BigLew
Project Canadian 639 shortwave 4,706 0
by shortwave
Project Canadian 339 shortwave 5,086 0
by shortwave
Inverted disassembly/reassembly...updated with instructions and pics iceiceguy 3,611 2
by iceiceguy
Project Canadian 335 shortwave 8,223 0
by shortwave
Anatomy of a Q99 and Rebuild Variant - Picture Heavy Saltfork 4,667 0
by Saltfork
How to Convert a Kamplite RL2 eccentric block 242burner 3,144 0
by 242burner
How to Resolve a problem with an eBay Purchase Steve 3,545 0
by Steve
Project 242B REBUILD Murff 12,546 1
by Murff
Coleman Globe and Logo Information Nevada_Ed 4,458 0
by Nevada_Ed
How to post pictures in three ways on this Forum mcdugal2 5,550 1
by Nevada_Ed
How to: Kerosene conversion Nevada_Ed 30,814 0
by Nevada_Ed
How To Rebuild a 530 GI Pocket Stove Murff 52,609 0
by Murff
Green Book page numbering warren 2,791 0
by warren
How To Clean Coleman Catalytic Heater Heads Murff 22,466 0
by Murff
Project 295 BobA 4,747 9
by mcdugal2
425 Restovification Murff 4,158 0
by Murff
Project 400 BobA 11,999 10
by Bricklayer
Project 129 BobA 4,806 20
by brucesheehe
Project 502 Murff 41,879 11
by JimE2
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