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  • Canadian 159 moved here

    hope you guys find this. Thanks for all the great comments, it cleaned up real easy and nearly all the nickel is on the air tube/burner tubes B/4 ...

    0 1,155

    Started by Scouterjan

  • 1-59 200a

    I found this one at a flea market it was not so bad off. the frame was rusting a bit under the top so a little appointment with the bead blaster and...

    13 1,396

    Started by dkehoe

  • 190A741 1-88 NOS

    Worth the 2hr drive

    7 1,255

    Started by TJT

  • PQ finally finished

    A few of you might remember when I picked this up several months ago. Well I'm calling it finished for now. Unless I can find a better fount. I got...

    12 1,375

    Started by colemannut

  • some of my before and after's..

    4-53 200A Black Band before and after 220E before and after 5-61 200A before and after 242C before ...

    13 1,307

    Started by suprz

  • 1-59 249

    While the cats away I get to play with lanterns at will. Nan and Lily went on a field trip till Thursday so I will be posting a few of the ones I...

    4 1,038

    Started by dkehoe

  • Couple of my stoves

    I sent Terry Marsh a couple of pics of my stoves he did not have listed, But I thought I would share them with you guys also. This is my 446 3...

    2 1,308

    Started by Flash

  • 237 project done.

    I got this while on vacation and thought it had potential, little did I know under all the failed attempts to light it like a regular Coleman lantern...

    14 1,381

    Started by dkehoe

  • Coleman 519 heater (Pics and Info)

    Ok So I finally found one, a Coleman 519 heater. Well here are the pics and all the information I have found over the last month. -Made in Canada...

    18 4,813

    Started by Flash

  • 200A Restore in Progress

    So far here is the frame and Valve Stem from my 200A I did the collar too, but I couldn't find It (my Dad has a habit of moving things around) ...

    18 1,835

    Started by mcdugal2

  • Pictures and recap of my week!!!

    This has been a crazy cool week, here is a recap. The Story in the paper came out Wednesday... Thursday I was given this stuff... Friday I...

    7 1,017

    Started by 61RANCHERO

  • My Stoves

    Here are some of my stoves. I will add more to this thread in the morning when I go out to the garage.

    11 1,435

    Started by pyro

  • 1952 Black Band - 200A FFR Complete

    I finally completed the FFR on my cousin's 1952 Black Band. The lantern belonged to his late father. A special 'Thank You' to all who assisted by...

    36 2,818

    Started by lundmonkey

  • US 242 A from FLASH

    this is the one Flash had in Classified a while back that no one wanted. Sorry, no B/4 pictures, FLASH, post one if you still have it.Borrowed a...

    3 1,004

    Started by Scouterjan

  • 236 Kero finished

    Here it is sorry it took sometime to self-teach myself on how to use photo bucket. Hope this works. a href=" ...

    5 1,116

    Started by pyro

  • some more pics

    Here are some more picture of what I have collected in 18 months. Not including stoves.

    11 1,183

    Started by pyro

  • Stove be do be doooo

    Pick up a model 345 this morning

    20 2,706

    Started by jun

  • Sad pup of 200A - for restore

    This sad little pup came to me from a friend that bought it at a flea market, oh my, rough. It looks to be a 200A black band but I am not yet sure....

    17 1,774

    Started by Nevada_Ed

  • Wife's BD lantern

    Well ya gotta love this. Got this from a nice guy for a great price. Came with the box. He says it's not too bad. Saves me a bunch on shipping. It...

    8 1,297

    Started by highdesert

  • More Lanterns from spare parts

    The first one was built some time ago, from a 242C to a 242KED as I called it. Burns kerosene and works well, but here is a sister lantern I built...

    9 1,433

    Started by Nevada_Ed

  • Coleman Patio Lamp

    Here I wanted to make a lamp for outdoor use on our patio. I scanned my workbench and saw enough parts sitting there to make one. My own Patio...

    6 1,270

    Started by Nevada_Ed

  • 200A Burgundy - finally got one!

    Thanks Murff, from his recent offering I acquired this sad looking pup of a burgundy. Fount was very good inside, frame took a lot of time to spruce...

    10 1,763

    Started by Nevada_Ed

  • My Deere ol' lantern

    Its almost complete; all that is left to do is the top which should be done as soon as i can get the right color and the pesky furnace figured out. ...

    7 1,408

    Started by McGrath512

  • 242KED

    No before pictures, all from left over parts, and a font from Murff. Here is my 242KED, (kerosene extended development) lantern. Runs on kero, large...

    22 2,406

    Started by Nevada_Ed

  • Latest lamp Well here is the latest. Sorry its not in chronological order. I paid $2.00 for the...

    1 1,134

    Started by Scouterjan

  • Finally!!

    Today I finally got some red in my collection. I picked up two 200a's a 1/65 and a 7/67 (one month off of my birthday ). They are in pretty good...

    19 1,693

    Started by BCosby

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