Sportsman globe
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  • Peak 1 pairs

    As the Beatles said "With a little help from my friends" my Peak 1 sets are now complete. Also found another Peak 1 cook set with Peak1...

    11 295

    Started by fuel brained

  • 237 Franken

    Here's my 237 franken that I've put together from supplies from various members. Fount and globe plus vent (639) from Ocp, valve assembly from...

    5 235

    Started by Fast_Freddy

  • 12/50 US 200

    This is my first USA 200 picked it up at a local yard sale, before after, and here she is burning...

    2 151

    Started by kw12330

  • New man cave display

    Finished up my latest display wall for my more cherished GPA.

    27 959

    Started by Bicyclenerd65

  • New Coolman 220/228 Lantern Case

    Coolman 220/228 (Big Hat) Lantern Case Here is the new Coolman 220/228 Lantern Case I made for Dr. Bruce and my original 220 case. The new case is...

    12 463

    Started by grob

  • Hasag no.90

    Hi guys Here is my new lamp Hasag no.90 Very very elegant. ///Fernando

    12 215

    Started by Nando2424

  • Nagel-Chase Model 5 (a) 1914-15

    I already shared one photo of this lantern that I picked up in a group purchase last weekend. Terry Marsh encouraged me to get the PLC (Pressure...

    24 349

    Started by Gand28

  • Coleman Backhome Butane Patio Light!

    Wow, that was a mouth full. I picked this little butane jewel up 5 years ago at a local flea market... Worth the investment even if I could...

    5 162

    Started by campinut

  • 1919 Akron 92 Table Lamp

    Hi All, This Akron 92 is a rare and odd Akron table lamp from around 1919. Kind of transition lamp from the Akron (late 1910,s) 83/84 torch...

    21 285

    Started by Lilorpetro

  • 1967 220E "Floodlight"

    11 1967 brass fount 220E "Floodlight" This is only the second one I have found since I started collecting. Most Canadian 220e made in...

    6 274

    Started by adelcoro

  • The journey begins

    Been walking by this old Coleman lantern for nearly 70 years. Finally decided to look a little closer and find out what I have. No numbers on the...

    20 488

    Started by Northleighman

  • New mantles

    A few days ago DD offered up some Petromax mantles for sale at what seemed like a decent price. I didn't have any experience with them but from what...

    4 186

    Started by phillip stafford

  • 10 or less known to exist list - is there one?

    It seems to me that in this hobby, rarity doesn't always equate to value or desirability. Those of us who don't own an arc (I have never even seen...

    132 5,030

    Started by smarti

  • My first 236

    I found the converted 236 at an antique store. Thanks to Agostino for trading the correct 236 parts for the converted 237 parts I now have both a...

    4 154

    Started by Andrew

  • Crusty 234 find

    Found this 234 this morning at our first flea day of the year. It's so rough I thought it was a Canadian 242 until I got home and checked the book....

    24 457

    Started by Barryb

  • 7/67 502 find and clean up

    Was in Orlando for vacation last week and found this online while I was there.7/67 502 with original box and all paperwork. Has a few scratches on...

    6 143

    Started by Fj40z

  • 1-26 427

    Mom amd dad found this for me where I grew up. Turns out it was a friend of mines great grandfather's. I am happy to bring it back to life! And for...

    8 157

    Started by JoshClark840

  • Finally added a milspec to my collection.

    In the past, I have never been a big fan of milspec lanterns. They are noisy, finicky at times, no built-in tip cleaning feature,... I have had...

    19 185

    Started by 1hpycmpr

  • 4/66 228F restoration

    Hello all, Here I'd like to document my rebuild of this 4/66 228F. These are some "before" shots showing an...

    28 741

    Started by vanshippilot

  • Goodwill find!

    How’s everyone doing? First post. Thanks for the add. I picked up what I believe is a 426d Coleman 3 burner dual fuel “suit case.” Not...

    17 633

    Started by USN MR2

  • LQ Toronto

    The beginning 🇨🇦

    23 360

    Started by adelcoro

  • 242A Clean Up

    First time posting so I thought I'd post a rookie clean up job. I found this 242A a week ago on the bay. I probably paid too much but I have a hard...

    13 200

    Started by John Wages

  • A Nice One Finally

    I have been looking for a nice looking 01/03 Peak Exponent 442 stove. The ones I usually find have been through the mill. But I had one drop in my...

    5 185

    Started by fuel brained

  • Got my first IL running

    I got my newly acquired IL running for the first time today. Did a little reorganizing while I was in the barn.

    17 276

    Started by Crustynickel

  • Air O lite Find 1917-1918 ?

    Curious about the vintage of this recent find.Page 91 in the book, photo on the left It has: 5 concentric circles of holes and no baffle plate Tabbed...

    6 192

    Started by Doug L

  • Canadian 236 Lantern

    I was in Edmonton over Christmas and New Year's, and found a great souvenir of the trip! My first Canadian lantern: I can't really claim it...

    8 115

    Started by VMI88

  • my 3 favorite 200A's

    These are the prettiest of the 200A line IMHO. 9-61 burgundy, 7-62 Maroon, and 8-52 black band. These are what first attracted me to the hobby. I...

    17 434

    Started by Dmacp

  • 132 with mica

    Little project I have been messing with a while now. I want a shade but don't know what shade. She burns nice and is a real looker. ...

    6 729

    Started by dkehoe

  • US Nickel 200. 1 - 51

    In December, a good friend gave me a US 200 that came in a nice home made box. I got to work on it this weekend and gave it a good cleaning and...

    34 732

    Started by nomis1

  • Got a question

    Hey all I’m new to this forum and a while ago I accidentally started a Coleman lantern collection but have realized I might have a unique find...

    10 189

    Started by Chuckwc

  • 1955 220E Coleman Lantern and 426A Stove

    I got the 220E lantern in the spring of 2018 and is in nice shape with just a small chip on the ventilator. I thought $35 was a good deal considering...

    12 425

    Started by grob

  • Sears 476.74550 Lantern ReBuild

    I got a Sears 476.74550 dated 4/64 for 8 bucks at an estate sale. I sandblasted, cleaned and painted the font, and de-rusted the frame and painted...

    19 550

    Started by Phredd

  • Sears 3 burner camp stove

    What do ya'll think of them, are they any good? Anything special I need to know about it? Thanks, Stafford

    9 257

    Started by phillip stafford

  • Red and Green Kero Lanterns

    Someone on the South African forum asked a question about a 231, and I decided to take these down from the shelf to dust them off. Might as well...

    9 267

    Started by philbotha

  • Wish this was in my collection. Nice find though.

    My good friend came out to visit us for a few days. I decided to 'play hookie' from work yesterday and took her to Manzanar Concentration Camp...

    6 422

    Started by Fraggboy

  • 2019 Light of Scouting

    It's about time for me to get moving on this year's special Camp Merz lantern. This one is starting out as a 228J from Gary Coleman (LakeGeorge): ...

    8 483

    Started by Gavercronos

  • Transfer of fettling skills...

    An important part of my outboard motor's fuel system is the onboard water/fuel separator filter assembly. Mine was in need of a refurb: ...

    7 218

    Started by SweetD

  • Project 426A Stove

    Picked up this 426A last week. It's my second 3-burner and it was hard to leave it behind. It was in decent shape other than the adhesive that...

    13 150

    Started by 1hpycmpr

  • Export 241's

    Just thought I would share this lineup. 241A nickle, 241A painted 241G and unfired 241K.

    20 312

    Started by ctp51

  • Basket case 426A

    Long time lurker here. Been collecting pieces off and on for the last few years and referring to this forum for information from time to time. You...

    7 321

    Started by AlamoAggie

  • My wife was looking out for me today

    Hey guys. My wife works at the local Goodwill store. In the past 5 or 6 years, I've only found a 290 in a suicide case and a beat up preway wedge...

    7 307

    Started by rob_pontius

  • Franken With New Clothes!!

    This beauty 'might' be going to the upcoming Southeast Gathering in Hartford, TN for sale or display. It needed some new clothes (paint). It has...

    9 288

    Started by lundmonkey

  • 5101 LP Refill Station

    Early on in my collecting days, I was always drawn to the vintage LP appliances but the canisters were a draw back of keeping them burning. My first...

    10 287

    Started by campinut

  • Wizard stove instructions

    Cottage hillBill and who ever might have a Surefire stove Jan

    0 100

    Started by Scouterjan

  • Coleman Quick-lite Lamp

    I was given this lamp last fall by an old rancher out of his grand parents house. I have no idea how long it has been since it was used. He is 80...

    7 189

    Started by KSC

  • Canadian Coleman Solus Stove Money Shot

    Hey good people Finally got the Canadian Coleman Solus kerosene stove burning properly. Had to get a Primus Stove Flame spreader and pricker from...

    3 138

    Started by Willy

  • First 501 stove

    I picked up a 501 stove from John. The valve was bent and wasn't sealing making it impossible to safely light. There was pipe thread on every...

    23 313

    Started by Fraggboy

  • Ca 1900 "the SUN" " Romeo" stand lamp by The Sun Vapor Street Light Co.

    Hi all, This is a very early gravity stand lamp from " the Sun Vapor Street Light Co." /Canton/ Ohio. This gasoline fed lamp is...

    21 398

    Started by Lilorpetro

  • Just because I didn’t have one...

    I finally got around to working on a 275a in that I found in sad shape at an estate sale back in February. Bought it because I didn’t have one one...

    5 395

    Started by Dubblbubbl

  • 237 no date stamp and no sunrise logo on the fount.

    Got it from Craigslist. It cleaned up well. Don’t know much about it. Need help with date identification. Thanks in advance.

    7 221

    Started by SarongO

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