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Tonight's light up Doug_Fleuette 16 2 2 minutes ago
by Doug_Fleuette
carbide lamps XxKnivesNGunsxX 56 4 2 minutes ago
by XxKnivesNGunsxX
Guess what I got..... simplex1040 56 3 5 minutes ago
by Collectaholic
Propane canisters Moses_Yoder 48 2 5 minutes ago
by friarmike
242RP decals JRdaSconnie 883 25 6 minutes ago
by Gand28
Join the Coleman Collectors Syndicate! Gotm4 236 20 7 minutes ago
by Scouterjan
Question about using a Coleman kerosene lantern in emergency situation... sunshineofthenight 213 17 9 minutes ago
My newly aquired 242B Larry46 57 3 10 minutes ago
by Gand28
Need help ID'ing this Akron lantern. Hoddy_R 51 3 18 minutes ago
by Vikingson_1
Help to ID dana265 112 3 23 minutes ago
by SteveRetherford
To buy or not..... Dcirc1269 492 21 48 minutes ago
by Salmonbbq
"Kicking" the bucket list. diehard 125 4 54 minutes ago
by drkillemquick
Upside down X two with money shots! DarthShrek 131 5 57 minutes ago
by HillCountry
Coleman Gladiator suitcase stoves coming in November. xterran 177 9 an hour ago
by Salmonbbq
Wanted to treat myself. Edit. SHE RUNS!!!!!! dwillie 330 15 an hour ago
by HillCountry
My first PW lantern! tey1967 21 0 an hour ago
by tey1967
CL1 find. 6-84. dwillie 126 9 an hour ago
by stevesix
Any reason not to use Coleman propane on a soldering torch? mikeh 83 5 an hour ago
by AllanD
Alone in the Wilderness PBS program Salmonbbq 166 8 an hour ago
by Salmonbbq
MilSpec for parts/Franenlantern finally. Update with OMG pics. Getting robbed. Scooby 162 5 an hour ago
by Scooby
National Day of Mourning Bossie 64 1 an hour ago
by Fillerup
Now that's a Mayfly hatch! Ecosys 71 2 an hour ago
by Hoddy_R
Is this Sears blue? Scooby 96 4 an hour ago
by BudrowBob
Higgins DarthShrek 97 4 2 hours ago
by Hoddy_R
Join the official MilSpec Snydicate DarthShrek 456 39 2 hours ago
by Bossie
Finally got some coleman stuff given to me. Fuzzfarmer 249 7 2 hours ago
by Scouter_Angus
ebay bidders? Larry46 276 5 2 hours ago
by FORCE316
Any guesses on what I'm picking up Mel 217 11 3 hours ago
by SteveRetherford
1966 200a stuntcardriver 208 11 4 hours ago
by alecs
AGM Speedikook Cleaned and Polished Flat_twin 407 26 4 hours ago
by adkbill
What model lantern is this? sunflake 278 14 4 hours ago
by StanDahl
Underside of vents. Heck 208 6 5 hours ago
by Hoddy_R
.50 lamp, too much? Scooby 227 8 5 hours ago
by Scooby
led bulbs for rv's dave 681 22 5 hours ago
by Collectaholic
Yep I'm a sucker for... Mel 511 24 6 hours ago
by clg20261
Lamp ID? Single mantel Djpruett 441 26 6 hours ago
by diehard
High sale price for a Canadian nickel 200 newfieinsookebc 759 46 7 hours ago
by Dmacp
ALLADIN PL-1 Steve360 602 34 7 hours ago
by Steve360
Who remembers The Sin Cabinet? legendre 340 13 7 hours ago
by Scooby
Nite Hawk lantern disappointment.
1 2 3
FORCE316 3,473 129 9 hours ago
by pwtr02ss
AGM US stamped Scooby 127 8 9 hours ago
by Scooby
What advantages/disadvantges to the Coleman kerosene vs. gasoline lanterns? sunshineofthenight 356 19 9 hours ago
by magikbus
Couldn't pass this Unused 242C - MONEY SHOT added goamules 630 28 9 hours ago
by goamules
Ebay - New category on forum boounga 207 4 9 hours ago
by AllanD
Interesting manifold on this Table Lamp from the Teen's Squeezics 277 27 11 hours ago
by Squeezics
Afternoon 242D-light...and parts Mike 241 15 11 hours ago
by pogobratt
Could this be unfired? nomis1 384 16 11 hours ago
by nomis1
2 part fuel question Doug_Fleuette 163 6 12 hours ago
by curlyjoe_99
Lamp ID? ChuckDynasty 125 4 13 hours ago
by Macburner
139 Lamp Djpruett 107 4 14 hours ago
by drkillemquick
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