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  • Help to ID these pot supports

    Have these three pot supports, found in a box of camping items, but no stove with them Stamped MADE IN SWEDEN so that narrows it down a bit Overall 5...

    2 45

    Started by 004sbr

  • Did I break it

    guys just got my first 220b A40. Just took it apart and I hope I didn’t break the air tube ! Pics below

    17 289

    Started by Banjoman

  • 288 lightup over fueling

    I've got this 288 that is my go to for night fishing, since I can dim it after I'm done cutting bait. Used to light fine then last year I started...

    29 330

    Started by ecblanks

  • Help with stove ID

    Found this online and it looks interesting and familiar but being so new to the game I could use some help with ID. This is the only picture the ad...

    15 211

    Started by Fj40z

  • 236 acting up?

    Last time I used my user 236 I left it alone for a while and it went out. Everything was coated in fuel. I cleaned her up and fired it. Old mantle...

    8 147

    Started by Judamonster

  • Help with fixing a 236 fount

    I have a 236 fount that has a small pin hole was wondering if anyone can fix it or has a spare seafoam green 236 fount. Pm me if you can fix it for...

    15 157

    Started by TBizz

  • 327 Vent - Tarnish or something worse?????

    Hi everyone. A couple weeks back I posted pics of the 427 and 327 that I got for $5 apiece at our local flea market / antique mall. Been doing some...

    18 277

    Started by LongueCarabine

  • AGM 278 rebuild. Need guidance. First rebuild.

    This is the first time I've worked on a lantern so be easy with me. Type real slow so I can understand,,,lol. Normally I'm pretty good at this kind...

    47 228

    Started by Quick Cal

  • Pump Cup Types

    What is the difference between Coleman pump cup part number 216-5091 and 216A-5091. I think both are leather as it seems the neoprene one is part...

    2 120

    Started by Mooseman

  • Blowout on my 335!

    Hi Folks and Greetings from Rainy RI, I had my b-day 335 lit last night for about 15 minutes, burning brightly as usual, when POP! I had major...

    8 246

    Started by SweetD

  • Coleman lantern globe

    Is there a site I can go to find out what parts will interchange on Coleman lanterns? I have a green sunrise globe that came off a Coleman lantern...

    11 167

    Started by exit55

  • 327 flood from generator

    I have a 327 that after i pump up and open the fuel valve I get fuel seeping out from the top of the R 55 generator. After the fireball dies down...

    5 92

    Started by Doug L

  • Rust globs in fuel

    i was flushing out a font and when I poured the fuel into a glass jar, the rust that was in the tank came out bound up in glob in the bottom. The...

    9 111

    Started by MartyJ

  • Cane my email

    I am trying to change my email address and can't seem to be able. Got a email wanting to delete my account. My new email is . Any...

    2 69

    Started by steve ko

  • Sievert propane lantern questions.

    Not sure what model Sievert lantern I have because all the worn off the decal. I recently acquired the brass adapter that is needed to...

    15 141

    Started by gpaguy

  • Recommend me some mantles

    So I've read lots of complaints about the new mantles not be as good as the old ones. Can you guys recommend something. Is it the same part number...

    23 283

    Started by Quick Cal

  • 242/200 Frankenstein?

    I found this at a local antique shop, I think it's a 242B fount with a 200A burner frame not sure if the valve body came from the 242B or the 200A,...

    4 142

    Started by bngreenchev

  • 1952 milspec breakdown

    Can anyone direct me on where to find a link to breakdown a 1952 milspec or how to breakdown the lantern Thanks Joel

    6 176

    Started by Jnr1705

  • Alladin Milspec Conversion Kit Wrench

    Did the standard MilSpec wrench come with the conversion kit? If not. Does someone have a pic of the original wrench.

    4 82

    Started by RonMack

  • Milspec problem

    So Ive been on a roll lately, probly fettled a dozen or more lanterns lately and got them all purring like a kitten so I got cocky and jumped...

    19 221

    Started by Heartstarter

  • Removing Blue film from folding camp kitchen?

    I made a deal on a very nice Coleman Camp Kitchen but underestimated the difficulty removing the years-on blue plastic film. Any war stories?

    2 76

    Started by azmike

  • AGM 278 fount thread size.

    I started tearing apart the agm. Soaked the valve body over night with pb blaster. Then just now heated it with a tourch. Put it upside down in my...

    2 36

    Started by Quick Cal

  • Is this an L427 with L227 frame and vent?

    So I picked this lantern up today. The date is 6 11. Has the frame and vent of an L227. My ICCC book shows the L227...

    12 137

    Started by vigiltln

  • 427 stripped threads on fuel valve

    What is the best way to fix this?The threads were screwed up when i found this.The generator wont screw down tight. Do I need to replace the...

    8 250

    Started by Doug L

  • HGP 457 Fount Old Repair?

    When I first got this I pressurized the fount and let it sit for a week. Held pressure just fine. Would not light properly. So I disassembled it. I...

    7 98

    Started by RonMack

  • 502 Generator Fix

    So the 502 stove I bought off the big auction site is nice cosmetically but when I fired it up lots of drama, flames everywhere. When I shut it down...

    9 156

    Started by dps3006

  • Round Coleman propane bottle adapter question

    I bought a round Coleman propane bottle at a garage sale recently that has a unique adapter on top. The correct regulator was missing but had this...

    8 182

    Started by seavandal

  • 502 Help

    Having troubles with a 502 rebuild, new generator fresh fuel on new rebuild. All I can get is yellow dirty flame. Any suggestions??? Sorry can’t...

    7 175

    Started by Roger Miller

  • 220 K Vent hood threaded rod repair?

    Wish I had taken a picture of my e.bay purchase for laughs. I am new to the hobby. I bought a very clean 220 K that someone had attached the vent...

    10 141

    Started by yorker

  • What type globe for a Kamplite LRL2?

    I got this LRL@ recently and it is missing the globe. Will a globe for a 200A fit? Also - Any ideas on a date for this Kamplite?

    4 59

    Started by Phredd

  • Older Coleman snow-lite cooler?

    Hey folks. I have an Coleman snow lite (I think it's a snowlike) I'm trying to find an original replacement latch for. There is no model number on it...

    23 2,786

    Started by 12ammkv

  • 530 just blowing air

    I’m new to the forum and fairly new to old Coleman stuff. I bought a 530 A-47 a few days ago and cannot fire it up. I’ve dismantled and cleaned...

    16 117

    Started by Cwhit

  • Is this 200A burgundy?

    Picked this up last weekend at an estate sale for $5. Build date is 1-65. Was in decent shape but filthy dirty and the fount has some obvious sun...

    13 237

    Started by Fj40z

  • Free Coleman 275. How to proceed?

    I just got a free 275 made in 1979. It's in very good condition with the exception of the globe being cracked. Is that something I could super glue...

    44 244

    Started by Quick Cal

  • globe polishing - preserving logo

    I've got my globe polishing routine down pretty good. Mostly involves a mild soap wash then Mothers to really make it sparkle. I am, however, very...

    26 239

    Started by ecblanks

  • More ID help please. This time a lantern

    Found this today online. The collar looks familiar but I can’t place it. Again, only the one picture to go by. Thanks in advance fellas!

    4 71

    Started by Fj40z

  • anyone worked on Dura Camp lanterns?

    Felt a little froggy today, rather than make my purdy lanterns even more purdy, I opted to grab a junker and bring it back to life, and leave it in...

    11 124

    Started by maddawg308

  • Power washer

    As my store of elbow grease dwindles I find myself thinking more and more about getting a power washer to use on stove cases. Any thoughts on the...

    5 100

    Started by TwoCanoes

  • CL2 is gonna go flying!

    Helllllppppp! No matter how much I tighten or loosen I keep leaking at the generator nut. Why?

    25 275

    Started by Firefighterbean58

  • Email notifications

    Just checked my email and found that I have had approx 30 emails regarding subjects on the forum that I have not viewed or posted on, hoping this is...

    2 59

    Started by tonywebber45

  • coleman lantern.....

    ...acquired a Coleman "slant"lantern, numbers stamped on the fount are do I determine the model?....and the mica...

    10 137

    Started by sunshine

  • 3 piece filler cap question

    Is there any other purpose for the center bolt other than to hold the centerpiece. Can you de-pressurize the tank by loosening it. Otherwise do you...

    4 106

    Started by Mooseman

  • trouble shooting a 236

    I received my lantern yesterday and put a petromax 500 cp mantle on it. It lit right up and burned but it was a yellowish light. I had a new...

    13 178

    Started by phillip stafford

  • Burner rings large to small

    while back gunhippie did a burner ring lay out on what’s correct. I think the final decision was it doesnt matter which way they go. BUT , I just...

    4 74

    Started by Banjoman

  • Tank for 426D (not original)

    Is it possible to get a round tank for my 426D, now it has the pancake style red, but I love the round style. It's not a mint condition stove, it a...

    3 63

    Started by green7golf

  • 355 globe holder

    Is there a 355 globe holder allowing me to use a OCP 355 reproduction globe on my 132A or even on my CQ. I want to try a shade and protect the...

    14 91

    Started by salukispeed

  • 288a Schrader valve help

    Last Saturday I picked up two of these lanterns for $5 with glass and I need to change the Shader valves. I've read that the valves that ocp has...

    3 76

    Started by sailman

  • Correct 327 bail and mounting position?

    I am assembling my L327 and I sure if this is the correct bail frame and want to be sure of the official clocking with the burner. The base of...

    3 24

    Started by VWguy

  • Went junkin’

    The wife and I went junking yesterday. A 242C followed me home. It’s just too cute! The little, tiny lantern with little features like a tiny gas...

    28 392

    Started by BrianBo

  • Wavy pump cup washer

    Messing with my 454 which won't build good pressure. Changed out the leather pump cup for a slightly different one, helped a little, tried...

    19 93

    Started by hikerduane

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