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314A Windmill lamp shade - its all peterthevets fault :-) SteveRetherford 93 12
by toddcline
Stripping Old Brown Fount Liner philbaxter487 21 4
by toddcline
New OCP Q99 woes Gunhippie 187 18
by toddcline
A few questions for the Lamp folks... toddcline 30 3
by toddcline
Model 16 generator pricker sharab85 15 2
by Scouterjan
Petromax rapid pre-heater... Gavercronos 60 5
by Gavercronos
Check Valve Question KingT 63 5
by Dmacp
Metal lantern case dates? And correct funnel? Leadfarmer 101 7
by Leadfarmer
Just got a 228J. Fueling issues, not going up danman132x 57 9
by JimL
1981 CPR 639 Globe djpslim 52 3
by djpslim
Little blue blame on 413G 58idaho 173 13
by 58idaho
200 with no match holes Race Bannon 751 32
by Gunhippie
Turner Lantern PIP JohnD1965 39 2
by Chucker
Akron won't pump air. SteveA 38 3
by Flat_twin
OLd Sport-lite coleman lantern cutch 78 3
by cancole
Detail Pics Of LZ Ball Nut Needed
1 2
Trangia 276 52
by Gunhippie
Eaton's Camp stove craignoble 32 4
by GasPrescue
Generator needed Jmoo 138 17
by Gunhippie
220D leaky Check valve Jbbh93 41 6
by Jbbh93
442 Exponent Generator rebuild Matt98B5 118 8
by Matt98B5
VHT Flame Proof Dremwolf 72 4
by Chucker
Schrader valve? Help Dax 190 16
by Dax
Coleman Canadian 236 Valve Stuck Ariser 70 10
by Ariser
425 coleman stove valve assembly on a 426B Robassman2 34 2
by Chucker
Getting aluminum to "pop" VincentMechanic31 230 21
by Jim_l
Clear Resin or Epoxy on a Quick Lite Fount RonMack 73 4
by Guff
corroded brass fount ecblanks 374 34
by Dmacp
best polish for nickel? Dragin 243 21
by Gunhippie
Using a dual fuel tank and generator in a regular Coleman Stove. Burning Love 116 8
by Gunhippie
KeroSafe filler cap question JohnnyMac 25 1
by SteveRetherford
Need help to identify this stove Lhoffm4coleman 368 23
by Majicwrench
M1950 pump question Billofthenorth 174 12
by SteveRetherford
Catalytic Heater element cleaning Puffie40 94 5
by Puffie40
Stove burner adjustment? Clanman 73 6
by Clanman
Lamp Model Number Help! lady light 73 4
by dwillie
Help Clocking 242C Valve - Money Shot glm97229 142 10
by Dmacp
Valve cannot open from tank somannt 116 3
by Gunhippie
Couple questions on my Thermos No. 8491 stove SweetD 108 21
by Chucker
Coleman air pump fitting size? campinut 26 1
by deanofid
295 powerhouse O-rings inside valves? DixieLantern 171 9
by mikew
288 Fuel pickup tube. sabre7cu 100 2
by Gand28
1937 Coleman 418 3 Burner Camp Stove Olehillbillie64 222 11
by Olehillbillie64
Heat drum on 500a Grandpa 248 17
by Grandpa
Quick Lite Fuel Cap Sped81 186 12
by Gand28
North Star help needed Jon 205 27
by JimL
200a fuel and air only while turning lever Heck 150 9
by Chucker
Need some line art for a restore project Lhoffm4coleman 205 9
by curlyjoe_99
Pre heat question ?(Petromax) Collectaholic 91 5
by Collectaholic
427 pump will not move at all. Rhubarb 138 10
by Chucker
502 burner bowl Jmoo 223 9
by Tigerfans2
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