The Coleman Shade Chronology,
for USA & Canada, 1909-1960

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321B lantern pressure problem Chewie 25 2
by JimL
ID help and restore question Bhammer 199 12
by Bhammer
How to Break Down a 220/228 without damaging the tip cleaner assembly... Gand28 54 1
by curtludwig
Cleaning model 502 fuel/air tube while still in fount? dawgvet 113 6
by curlyjoe_99
everdur paper decal size curlyjoe_99 142 11
by curlyjoe_99
Electroplating a frame with tin Gunhippie 259 18
by Gunhippie
So what the heck causes this? Blockhead 271 13
by bluepen61
242C Question Ed66Horan 85 2
by Ed66Horan
235 KERO grrees63 88 1
by Cigar_Mike
What coleman stoves had the Everdur fuel tanks? 58idaho 48 0
by 58idaho
Pressure coming back out of pump stem H man 182 12
by snwcmpr
Need to make threaded rod Northman49 179 16
by curlyjoe_99
tip cleaner woes smcauley 161 11
by Bob1774
It's not a coleman but ... any ideas on this drain assembly? heyemcali 351 12
by heyemcali
How to light up...FINALLY RESULTS Northman49 313 21
by Flat_twin
Single piece fuel cap gasket replacement SweetD 100 3
by SweetD
Does anyone here collect oil lanterns? Dragin 157 9
by Dragin
Strange pump cup assembly on a 228 slant Newfie 157 7
by Chucker
What is this? 323? 327? bdbill 512 23
by coolfireguy
242 with Kerosene... no mods? CaptainFantastic 191 6
by Chucker
Quicklite ID Help Please. jtucker 202 18
by Gand28
Spare fount mpetey 110 1
by mikew
AGM ReadyGlo Heater Stainless Steel Aftermarket Radiant Fit Stovost 158 9
by Stovost
Generator dripping Mhudso02 206 6
by Chucker
Help ID a Canadian Lamp dday 192 9
by Mike
200 flaring/pulsing Dax 244 17
by BobA
Problem with nickel polishing ecblanks 172 6
by Tigerfans2
Best method for cleaning baked on grease off of stove, without scratching paint? centuryhouse 124 2
by Gunhippie
425F499 does not turn off dat 132 7
by dat
Aluminum collar--clear coat? Gunhippie 195 15
by JohnnyMac
What is this gas cap from? bdbill 180 3
by Tigerfans2
Quicklite help!! atcron 316 21
by atcron
228F Big Hat surging and won't build "super" pressure in fount? SweetD 232 15
by curlyjoe_99
Found 522 Stove....Now Need to Know How to Clean It Properly mtgoodrich 219 8
by mtgoodrich
When did Coleman first coat fonts/tanks hurricaner 153 5
by SweetD
Christmas lantern decal H man 213 11
by Rubing
417B Odd knurled brass nut on burner, what does it do?? Majicwrench 82 4
by Majicwrench
234 Valve Body Thread Sealant? brice49 65 1
by curlyjoe_99
weekend finds and associated questions ecblanks 236 12
by ecblanks
AGM mil spec question Barryb 47 2
by Barryb
high-temp clear coat- how well does it work? MikeW86 64 1
by curlyjoe_99
CQ Lamp Fount/ Valve Pressure Tester JohnnyMac 111 8
by dwillie
220k fount used on a 220f dnishimura01 76 2
by Gunhippie
collar decals for 220H-K curlyjoe_99 267 26
by BobA
152 Lamp - Air only - SUCCESS - THANKS! mgmlvks 90 8
by Gunhippie
CQ Valve Stem - How to repack JohnnyMac 165 6
by dpatten
Red Lead Fonts? lathomps1955 117 1
by deanofid
L P fuel Coleman Bill 149 3
by Coleman Bill
Ideas on repairing 500a grate 004sbr 178 7
by Cottage_hill_bill
CQ mantle test--Petromax vs. Peerless Gunhippie 219 15
by hiddenhider
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